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  1. I'm going a little OT but i try to go deep into this problem; I try a different software (WinPic800) and with the same hardware this time the last address is read correctly!!! The wordb is 0xC5C that is in the correct format of 0xCKK for MOVLW KK whit KK as the OSCCAL constant. I will investigate......
  2. Thank you, I agree with you, i built this "hobby" programmer and "sometimes" it works, but i had a lot of problem, I never switch to a more professional programmer because I start to work with "bigger" PICs that support the ICSP and i directly program them with ICD2. This morning i tried some experiment to verify if my programmer is "good", but as you expected it seems something wrong: I read a brand new PIC12C508A and all the register are 3FF (or FFF) anyway the last address is NOT a "valid" OSCCAL value so i think that something is wrong in the "communication" between Programmer and PIC.
  3. Thank you again for your quick and clear reply. I will double check my schematic and my built circuit in order to be sure that everything is connected correctly, I start from your schematic and built the PCB with eagle software: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/Td8Ed...feat=directlink I hope to had made every connection correctly. (The LED is lighted with "inverse" logic, is it correct? when the PIC port is 0 the LED is ON, when the port is 1 the LED is OFF?) These are the 3 PCB that i built for me and the two other friends of mine: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/ErrSB.
  4. Thank you for your very quick reply. I still have some problem with this project. I program, as written before, another PIC and this time I answer NO to the programmer regarding the osccal value, but when i try the circuit nothing happens. The pic seems "dead" and when i plug in the battery neither the blinking LED for the "I'm alive" appears. I double check the schematic and everything seems fine, my radio is Futaba so i set REV for that channel and +- 100% EPA. During programming i set INTRC, no WDT, no MCLR and yes for CP. How can i check if the PIC is "running" or if it is stucked due to b
  5. Hi all, i'm new in the forum. I have a question about the TOP GUN AWS project: is it possible to use th PIC12C508 / 508A instead of the specified PIC12C509 / 509A. It seems that the pics are pin to pin compatible and the main difference is in memory space, is this correct? I normally work with "bigger" flash pics like 16F877 so i'm not expert in these smaller one. Thank you for the help Regards Stefano P.s. i program a first 12c509a and make the error to answer YES when ICprog ask me to use the osccal value from file. So then i try with another 12c509a and answer NO to the questi
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