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  1. Hi Terry No there will not be line of sight for around 10% of the track as there is a tunnel and an area where the vehicle dips below ground level Yes i can ensure the Ariel is on the outside of the vehicle. An 8dbi patch eh........... I will order one and give it a thorough test. If there is anything you or anyone else can think of that would help then please share. Otherwise Thank you ever so much Terry, for giving me your time. John
  2. I am looking to film a driver in a car on a racing circuit I will be static on one side of the circuit with the RX viewing the shot
  3. Hi Terry and thanks for the speedy reply. I am using Two 3 dBi dipole Antennas (onmidireccional)
  4. Hello there, i have posted once before and found this forum to be very helpful. I have a project that requires long range video transmition and understand that a rock solid picture is dependent on many factors such as distance, direct line of sight etc I have been using to great effect a 1.2-1.3ghz 850mw system. I am now wandering if there is anyone that could recommend a system capable of transmitting and receiving even further than this one. The link would be used solely for camera assist. Can anyone help. Understand you may require more info Many Thanks John
  5. Thankyou MR.RC-CAM You have been a great help. i have decided to "have a go" with the 850 mw 1.2ghz system from Electronica rc in Spain. I will give them a thorough bench test then take them out and about. Thanks again JS
  6. Thanks again RC.Man I have been looking into some digital systems from the likes of DOMO http://www.domo.co.uk/pages/receivers.htm The only drawback is that they are to large and very very expensive. really not to sure on the system to go for . you say the lower frequencies would help, so perhaps i try 1.2-1.3ghz However 5.8 would seem to avoid the majority of frequencies here in the uk as an earlier reply suggested do you think a 100mw 5.8 would be sufficient. I am thinking of this one http://alai.h3m.com/~s0350672/catalogo/pro...products_id=371
  7. Thankyou Mr. RC CAM Ok Multiple receivers...Got that Hard wiring is not an option as the cameras will be in a built up area with general public. The camera and tx will also be moving (Carried by person) The idea is that the director can then follow some 100-150 feet behind viewing the feed from all 4 cams Built up area ie a city i know is not ideal as interference with frequencies is plentiful The trouble is knowing which one to choose ie 1.2-1.3 2.4 5.8ghz Thanks for this it is much appreciated JS
  8. Ok ..I have been researching for some time now and i have found a company in Spain http://alai.h3m.com/~s0350672/catalogo/pro...products_id=370 Thinking of going with the 1.2 ghz 850mw system has anyone any experience with this? should i avoid it ? spend a little more ? Drawbacks? Any Advise is greatly appreciated Thanks
  9. Has anyone any experience on 5.8ghz and could they recommend a product/system? Many thanks
  10. Thanks Terry A film director i see This set up is for a tv director so he can check the shots whilst communicating through an ear piece. Thanks for the advise
  11. I have a project coming up that requires the use of 4 transmitters each with a composite video signal from separate cameras. After many hours of searching the web it became quite obvious that you guys know what you are talking about with regards tx and rx. I would appreciate any advise or guidance you could give me based on your experience My project does not involve an RC devise so i apologies for posting this on that basis. however i do believe someone can help. I am able to spend around £100 ($130) a unit What in your experience is the most all round reliable tx on the market?
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