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  1. Frequencies: 0.910G 0.980G 1.010G 1.040G 1.080G 1.120G 1.160G 1.200G 1.240G 1.280G 1.320G 1.360G
  2. The stock antennas that comes with the 900 MHz gear are known to be no good. Check out the thread below for some ideas. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=927590 I did this mod on my 900MHz Tx antenna and the difference was day and night. Had similar experience to what you are having currently. After the mod the signal have been rock solid.
  3. Looks like they have a 12ch and a 15ch Rx. I have a 12ch unit from Partom/Parkou Electronic that looks awfully much like the ineSun 12ch unit. Would pics of it be of interest? Regards Henk
  4. I recently got a system similar to this: http://www.hczye.com/en/product_detail.asp?productid=422 Mine has a 1000 mW Tx that looks exactly the same as the 1500 mW unit in the link. I'd like to upgrade the Rx antenna with something like this: http://www.l-com.com/item.aspx?id=20248 When I started doing the research, I noticed that the connector on the L-com patch antenna is SMA (implying 50 Ohm impedance?). The specifications for this antenna indicates that it is good for video though. The antenna connector on the Rx is Type F (implying 75 Ohm impedance?). So it seems there is a mismatch here. Probably my limited knowledge of this subject is to blame. My understanding is that video gear uses 75 Ohm? I also noticed on my 900 MHz Rx (Racewood) the antenna connector is SMA. This confuses me more. Anybody able to clarify this for me? Thanks Henk
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