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  1. Thank you.. Now I m getting outout, the font size is bigger though for a 21" tv. I wanted to ask this. If I construct the circuit diagram part of the MAX7456 as in datasheet except taking care of /HSYNC, LOS (output) and /VSYNC, and I apply an input CVBS through a camera (which has capability of connecting to tv), will I get a background picture from camera without changing any settings of the above program?? If not, what settings should I change ?? Please assist. Thank you.
  2. Hello there.. I m trying to interface MAX7456 OSD with Atmel ATMega32. But I m not getting any characters on screen. Its coming grey (as expected) background but nothing else. I have programmed using CodeVision AVR. The code is given below. #include <mega32.h> #include <spi.h> #include <delay.h> #define SPI_CS PORTB.4 void main(void) { unsigned char ad;/*address*/ unsigned char da;/*DATA*/ unsigned char d; /*Discard echo*/ unsigned char t; /*To modify 4th bit of OSDBL*/ // Input/Output Ports initialization // Port A initialization // Func7=In Func6=In Func
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