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  1. Hello! I have built your LandTastic. Here is the prototype: I found out that it works great, so I decided to built it smaller. Designed PCBs look like these: One PCB compared with a safety match: PCB layout is here: I have used IC1: PIC12F629 (SO8 package), R1: 510R 0805, C1: 100n 0805, LED1: green 0805 (I have used a LED instead of a buzzer). Final assembly is here: If you wish, you can download PCD bottom design here. A4 page size, scale 1:1. Bye!
  2. So I connect an ordinary LED (2V, 2mA) directly to pin 3 (LMA) via 1k0 resistor instead of the buzzer. With jumper and turn Rx on the LED flashed exactly how described in instructions. After take down the jumper the Landtastic works as I wish. Now the throttle signal gets to neutral (after release of the throttle trigger) much more natural. Thanks a lot!!!
  3. I am sorry, I have forgotten this option I am at the office now, but I will try it when I come back home. Btw, during settings I suppose that I can use LED (of course with serial resistor) instead of buzzer. Just to check the actual Landtastic setting status. OK?
  4. Hello! I have built your Landtastic in BASIC version. I use it as a throttle controller and it works GREAT!!! I do have just one wish. From the behaviour of the car movement I see that the dependence of speed of change of PWM signal on time is like on a) picture. Would you be so kind and adjust your software and send me the HEX file to make it behave like on picture (I mean without the “smoothing radiuses”)? I very appreciate this, because in my ESC I have a brake option (I can not disable it) and so after braking I have to wait a short time to let the signal get to the neutral position before I can push the throttle trigger to move forward. Thank you a lot, best regards, Libor.
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