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  1. LOL your probally right, its heavy. But Im using it on a 60" wing with alot of lift. Ill need the 5oz camera and housing for weight in the nose. The big wings are hard to balance w/o additional weight. Im hoping the camera and pan/tilt will do the trick. Thanks Matt
  2. Could someone give me a recommendation of a pan/tilt that can support the DX201 w/ the metal case? Also, I heard that additional grounding is needed for the 201...is this true? Matt
  3. Thanks Corey, I think Im going to go with a 900mhz for my 1st system because, as you stated, the 5.8ghz is an expensive investment for a newbie such as myself. So we have established that the oracle diversity receiver is a good thing, but what does it do? Do I still need a standard 900mhz receiver as well as the diversity? Am I using only one transmitter in the plane? Im still on the fence as to what Im getting better with a diversity receiver. Matt
  4. Hi, new to the forum. Im ready to purchase my 1st FPV system and I have a few questions. The plane Im using is an 80" piper cub electric. 2.4ghz Futaba radio. Can someone explain is simple terms what the difference is between 900mhz and 5.8ghz? Aside from legality in the US, what are the pros and cons of both? Also, what is the difference between 250mw and 500mw? Which one do I want? Lastly, what exactially does a diversity controller do? Why would I want one? I plan on purchasing from RangeVideo if I buy the 900mhz or Future Hobbies if I buy the 5.8ghz. Than
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