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  1. I don't have a head tracker what I intend doing is connect one servo to channel 6 ie the flap channel with the servo and the knob centered so the knob to the right would mean right pan and left will be left pan . The servos came fitted with the fat shark camera so I assume it has 180deg movement , will check it out though. Thanks a lot for the help. Sai
  2. I got myself a RCV922 Aviator edition of Fat Shark with the 10 mW Transmitter and a CMOS camera with pan/tilt ( no head tracking or OSD ) and the fat shark goggles . I have a a JR 8103 Tx on 72 mhz. Can I connect the pan and tilt to one of the additional channels like channel 6,7 OR 8 of my receiver and operate them with varying degree eg like using the flap channel. I plan to use my Multiplex Twin Star for my first FPV flight. Sai
  3. I am looking to start with FPV. I already fly RC and have a Futaba 6 EXA and JR 8 channels radios . I do not want head tracking ,OSD etc to start with . All I want to do is fly FPV to Start with and then add on after I get to be good at it . I am thinking of a Fatshark RCV922 Aviator Edition combo with a 10mW receiver . I am also getting a 500mW receiver additional to plug in later to enhance range . Do you guys think this is OK or is anything additional to be added . Sai
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