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  1. I take it that the RS232 is TTL levels. I have a block camera The model tag says " DIS327N " not found on the web. I've tried the Sony commands with no luck. It does have Sony chips in the camera but the Hitachi camera do all so. I have tried to send commands to it and so far no luck. Have you ever use a Oscope or read the voltage at the RS232 connection. All my levels are at 4.7 volts and they go low during power up . It has 8 ASCII charters after power up , my RS232 tracer program tells me. " D3 2C 6F 20 26 AB 46 30 " The Protocol Hitachi command.pdf file show that it all ways starts with a ":" a hex 3A. my unit all ways send a Hex D3 ? The Sony Protocol should start with hex 81 for address #1 Do these units use Inverted RS232 logic ? Please Help if you can. Or code would also help. cbeener-AT-columbus.rr.com CharlesB
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