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  1. I have a cheap 10mw camera that I'm trying to repair and need some assistance or advice on where to obtain info please. The camera board was connected to the transmitter board with four wires, they are in need of reconnection but I cannot tell what goes where. It is labeled as 203CWAS, 2.4G, DC9V on the back. Does anyone know where I can find a diagram, schematic, or anything that would help? They used to be color coded but, number one, I"m color blind. No.2, it has been repaired previously from a "hard landing" with ALL BLACK WIRING. Any assistance would GREATLY be appreciated. My wife
  2. This is the camera I'm referring to...... www.supercircuits.com/Security-Cameras/Specialty-Security-Cameras/PC228 I'll add the requested images shortly. thanks, art
  3. Hello, I have a ccd camera that was in a former life a "back-up camera", and would like to use it on a couple of rc craft if possible. It had one single lead with a mini plug that had three rings. From there it went to a small sealed box, then to the camera. The sealed box has since been not, and I still don't know what it is! It is connected on both sides with four wires. The plug side is red, yellow, green, black. The other side going to the camera is white, yellow, red, black. My question is... Is it possible to connect from the outbound camera side to have a functional camera? I
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