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  1. Thanks for the reply. I setup the TopGun for throttle shooting mode and it fires fine and the ESC arms. The LED flashes twice. With 2.4 the LED flashes twice and goes solid on after that. I have used it for years before switching to 2.4, it worked perfectly the time I flew before switching over. I built the kit myself, and a few others that all work on JR and Hitec receivers. Can't get access to these anymore to try though.
  2. Hi, The TopGun doesn't fire with the throttle but the esc will arm and I can fire up the motor. I can even have the aux channel plugged in, power it up, nothing works, while still powered I pull out the aux plug from the rx and the esc arms. Thanks
  3. Hi, I've used the tog gun aws board for years and its worked great, a lot of fun. However I've switched from JR to Spektrum 2.4 and now can't get the board to work with two Spektrum receievers I have. The problem is that the ESC doesn't seem to arm so I have no throttle and the sonic module doesn't fire. If I pull out the AUX lead and leave the topgun in place all is ok. I've tried a heap of different throws etc for the aux channel and throttle but can't get it to go. Any help would be great, thanks, Phil
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