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  1. Helix1 and Mr Rc Cam, thanks for the replies. Mr RcCam I have looked at your LOMA but do not have the programmer. Even though I have dabbled in AVR programming. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=645228 Commercial LOMA are only a few blocks from my residence. RAM Products is in a neighboring town and the owner is a member of our flying club. My thoughts were to end up with something as simple as FMKits great RF Beacon. Basically picking up a $5 ebay (for example having to key the PTT button on a commercial 315Mhz radio transmitter) quote from Helix1 radio/walkie talkie and locating the plane from the signal strength. I'm not sure how long these luggage locators have even been around but thought they'd be a good project, or at least I'll be able to find the TV Remote now. LOL After my success (following others leads) with my wireless FPV home simulator : http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=15310636&postcount=1609 I needed another electronic tinkering project be it flop or useable. Thought maybe I was on to something. Helix1 I'm still digesting all you wrote and will be looking into it more Thanks
  2. Thought I'd try something a little different and cheap. While browsing good old ebay I ran across luggage locator for pratically nothing: http://cgi.ebay.com/Wireless-Remote-Lost-Luggage-Car-Key-Bag-Locator-Finder-/110578798052?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19bf028de4 Upon receiving it, stock form yielded 100' range with a little directional control. Upon opening it up, I find it transmits on 315mhz, the tx comes with a 12v battery, but operates on a single cell lipo, the Rx has a 1.2v battery but also operates on a single cell lipo. After opening everything up, soldering on lipo connectors, extending the coiled antennas, I was able to get over 250yds w/lipo and 350yds with 3s lipo in my neighborhood, thru some houses and windows. Now pointing antenna seems to help a little but not a whole lot. I'm thinking there is some way to use this for plane locator when the general lost area is known. The questions being how?? Neither pull very little power when dormant. The Rx has a bright blue led and a buzzer (pulsing) that can be heard for maybe 100yds or so. First idea is to have Rx in plane with buzzer and Led in a decent location on the plane. Plane gets lost, activate Tx and hope to hear or see plane led. Second would be to have Tx in plane, with single lipo, plane gets lost and use some sort of signal indicator to find plane. Two way radio or something Is it the tx thats sending a pulsing signal or the rx decodes the signal and pulses the led? Thanks as always for any and all help. And i know of existing locators available. Just like to tinker. Pic is my FPV easy star 70' up a big old oak. I knew the general location of the crash, but still took 2 hrs to find.
  3. Radio shack project box, pushbutton switch (had laying around), 4-40 allen bolt and nylon lock nut for push button. Velcro dot on back for using with different Rx'ers. Thanks again for a great product.
  4. I did a actual field test with it this past monday and was truly impressed on the accuracy. Easily readable and definitely let me know when signal was getting weak. Very quick response. Hopefully make it to Rat Shack this weekend and find the time to mount it in a project box. Any suggestions for the pushbutton?? I'm thinking long rod to activate or unsolder and mount onto box????
  5. GGot mine already, and am looking for ways to house it. I'm thinking along the lines of a RatShack project box with a servo lead for connecting to mmy Rx'ers. The meter looks great. Should have the box this week sometime. Thanks again for this great offer. Went ahead and hooked up a servo lead on one of my Rx'ers, its a 1.280 BOB unit. Bought from BestOfferBuy. Very simple, it had the legs from the 7809 sticking up for easy soldering and the RSSI pin is the last one on the Rx. Used a servo grommet for the wire exit and a knot to prevent pullout. This Rx I have also added a SMA pigtail, piggybacked on to the "F" connector to allow use of my Patch ant. Calibrating the meter took a whole minute or 2 after warm up. Thanks again
  6. WooHoo I made the list. Looking forward to this one. Thanks
  7. Gave it another go over. Definitely fried it. Thanks though.
  8. Both tx and Rx are from the trimersion set. I've hacked a few sets for friends. Hence having a few parts laying around. I went and hooked all up today again but something must've fried last night. Last night the picture was scrolling and than faded away. Today nothing. Thanks for the help anyway. I'll troubleshoot some more when time becomes available. Thanks again
  9. I've been modding and salvaging everything imagineable from these Trimersion goggles. Heres the original Thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=925051 My blog page on all the mods: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=27663 My latest project is to re use a RX that was hacked out of one of the goggles. This is the board (lower piece) http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=2963350 And heres the schematics: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=14709944&postcount=891 Using a tested (working) base of a 2.4 tx and CX-161 color camera, I'm actually able to receive a picture but with a few problems. I'm running 8v to Rx, 2cell lipo, using my goggles with video in for viewing. I've got 3 wires from the Rx, 8v dc to VCC, RCA jack to video, and grd to gnd above video. These 3 wires go to a servo lead wire and than to my RCA/power adapter. On my first attempts the picture was B&W and distorted, terrible, I than jumpered the BX line to grd (I believe selects the channel) and improved picture but now I'm still only receiving B&W video and the picture scrolls right to left constantly. (or was it left to right) as if the camera itself is moving. If you physically move the camera, the picture is solid (still B&W) but after a sec starts the scrolling again, eventually fading out to no reception. As always thanks for any and all help.
  10. Very happy with the overall improvement. In the dome last nite was able to fly very well with no drop outs and just one glitchy spot. Quite impressed with the overall boost the windsurfer gave. Thanks again
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