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    Spektrumizing a JR XP7202

    Sorry for repeating.
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    Spektrumizing a JR XP7202

    I just found a post by you (http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5721973#post5721973) that shows the JR NET-J72P port pinout. I am still wondering if I took a Spektrum DM9 module for the JR XP9303, could I "hack" it and put it into a JR XP7202 TX and make it 2.4 GHz? If I do this, I would not want to retain the 72 MHz mode. I know that from looking at the "hack" for the Assan module that I would need to cut the three wires that go to the PC board (black, yellow, and red wires located on the center board) – see attached picture. I think that they are: battery +, –, and PPM signal. From your identification of the 5 pinouts for the module, There is MOD (PPM), 6VDC, battery +, GND, and ANT. Would I need to use the 6VDC and the ANT. I would like to remove the 72 MHz antenna and put the 2.4 GHz antenna in its place. I don't know what the other "functions" on that center PC board are and whether I can remove it or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Has anybody tried to take the "guts" out of a Spektrum 2.4 module and use it to make a JR XP7202 into a 2.4 TX? Since the DX7 is basically a 7202 on 2.4 GHz rather than 72 MHz, I would think that the JR module (DSM2 AIRMOD w/AR7000 JR-Compatible [sPMMSJR7]) could be "opened up" and the "guts" used to replace the 72 MHz RF. Am I looking at it too simply or could this be done?