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  1. I am a good example of the above, I didnt know how to use them and assumed incorrectly that they did not work!! I'll pick up the copper tape and order several more toroids Thank you ! Al
  2. Mr. RC-Cam Possible success!! I didn't have copper tape at home, so I tried a partial job until I could get some. I put toroids on the sensor side and on the computer side. and I wrapped the sensor in tin foil (no grounding) - this significantly reduced the interference. I was able to now bring the transmitter within a few inches of the copilot before interference occurred. This got me thinking. I had previously tried toroids in the past without success - but clearly I made a major mistake. Previously I put the toroid in the middle of the lead with quite a bit of free wire to the sensor and
  3. Ok I'll give this a try. Regarding the ground for the copper tape. does it have to be on the board's ground or can I ground to the ground wire. Thanks for your suggestions Al
  4. Mr. RC-Cam Thanks. The transmitter was completely separate for all tests with its own battery and no physical video connection. My original link above shows a nice video of what I am seeing + more detailed description. So it has to be radiated interference. At a distance of 2.5 feet or greater, the interference diminishes to where the two can be used together. the closer to the copilot II computer the worse the servo deflection to a "banked orientation". On my larger plane, I have the two separated by just under 2.5 feet, and the copilot seems to work ok even with the video leads connected,
  5. Hi folks I wonder if anyone can offer me some advice. I am trying to set up a FPV stryker with on board stabilization using the new copilot II from FMA, and OSD and return to home using eagle tree system. A full explanation of my issues and tests/video are located on post 640 here on the FMA RC group site. Essentially, 910 mhz range video type transmitters cause the copilot II to induce a left or right banked orientation as well as servo jittering. This banked orientation is also seen on the roll indicator of the FMA programmer readout and can be repeatedly reproduced by moving the trans
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