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  1. I just discovered that the receiver with dual output are available in different frequencies, I mean even if they label 5.8ghz, you can have two differents band of frequencies on 5.8ghz. We already knew that they are available at 5V or 12V input voltage. Check the receiver frequencies sold at Range video: http://www.rangevideo.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=213 The Rangevideo 5.8ghz tx 200mw is not compatible with my 5.8ghz receiver bought at BEV severals month ago, I found it after bench test. http://www.bevrc.com/bev-58g-200mw-pulg-and-play-specially-designed-for-fpv-p-18.html Thomas have you something to confirm the frequency of the 5.8ghz tx/cam, perhaps the cam/tx do not work on the frequencies shown on your website that would explain why I had a very bad reception when I was using the BEV receiver http://www.dpcav.com/xcart/product.php?productid=16583&cat=278&page=1 p.s. When I compare the frequencies on BEV 5.8ghz receiver and your 5.8ghz tx/rx cam, they are identical, but I suspect the frequencies are not the same
  2. I made a video with my Nano helico. The picture in my goggle have color in it, but when I record I got only a black & white picture. It's the same whit my two DVR and also my lcd tv. I just found another cable and will do test with it later.
  3. I'm not able to record a video. The 5.8ghz receiver have two video output, I use one for my headset and the other is plug into my Archos AV500 DVR. The video signal appear to be too weak and the DVR is not able to show a picture on the screen. I tried also in my LCD tv and the picture is there but with no color. Even in my headset the picture have fade color and I got always some kind of snow in the picture. I do not get the same quality of video that you show us in your video. Do you have an idea what is wrong, video level too low perhaps? I can not locate any trimmer in the receiver or inside the cam/tx. perhaps my receiver is not correctly tune. They are inexpensive, I can order one from you
  4. The nano FPV helicopter is done. I finally installed the cam/tx on my three channels helico, because my prefer four channels helico have the charging connector and power switch under the helico and it become near imposiible to install the cam under the chopper. The f.o.v of the cam is too narrow for FPV flying, I use the EBAY gelly lens suggest by RC-Cam, I disassemble the lens to make it smaller and lighter. The lens hold on the cam/tx using simply a heat shrink sleeve. The f.o.v is perfect now, I'm very please with the result. The cam/tx need a lot of light to give crisp color but in the under basement of my home I can fly without problem. It is just to small to have really fun in my home. Also this chopper use an infrared remote limiting the flying to direct line of sight. I kept the the dual voltage regulator that came with the cam but removed the connector around it, it need 5V to operate. The helico batterry is 3.7V so I use a voltage booster fron DPCAV that boost the 3.7V to 5V. Everything work fine, I got little line in the picture but it is acceptable. I use a 20C one cell lipo from Hobby city ($3), standard lipo from the helico is not enough powerfull. The camera is locate in front of the helico, it need to be locate there fro good cg balancing. I can power on/off the lights from the radio controller. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.44868 Total weight is 47gr. I will do a test video later
  5. My first test as show me this cam need a lot a light to perform well. Anyway it is not important, I do this for hack for fun mainly, I do not expect that it will perform as good as my other FPV projects. I just expect that it is flyable FPV and I will be happy. I did not work on my nano helico since few weeks. Others things more important to do first. But now I'm back on FPV planet and I have severals projects on hold that wait about me. my nano helico is the first one. I received my new battery, a 20C 1S to replace the original battery. I'm not sure it is required to replace the original battery, but the 20C battery cost $2-3 and it easy to replace, so why not?
  6. How I can say, overall I'm not deceive, the only main problem is this cam need a lot of light to give a beautifull color picture. The project continue. I received my 4 channel chopper and it worth the money. The radio is RF not infrared, on the 49.8Mhz. It is possible to remove the battery compartiment and install our own battery in the radio. It have three knob for the trimming. The helicopter fly well, It is better than three channel chopper wit a small motor on the tail. The price was reduce and it cost around $27 for the chopper, radio and recharge cable. Two little servos inside the cockpit move the arms. The canopy and the tail remove I save 6 gr. The cam/tx and anyvolt micro weight around 7gr the weight remain the same approx. I will install the cam this week to see if the stock battery is able to power everything or I will need to replace the stock battery with a 20C 1S lipo from HC. to be continued... EDIT: The price is not $27 but $42 including shipping cost: http://cgi.ebay.ca/8913-Falcon-4CH-Alloy-Infrared-Mini-RC-Helicopter-Gyro-/270648311690?pt=Radio_Control_Vehicles&hash=item3f03e57f8a
  7. OUF! I finally received my refund from FPV hobby for my defective 5.8ghz cam/tx. I ordered it 9 october and we are 30 November... I lost less than $10 with this transaction. so now I'm free to say: FPVHOBBY IS THE WORST FPV STORE IN HISTORY OF FPV! He is a NUT ! Anyway, I got my money and I don't want to do trouble, so it is over for me.
  8. I resolder the antenna in vertical position. I tried the camera without the dual regulator trying to find a simple solution to make it work directly on 1S lipo. But it work ok only at 3.8V, and I lost picture at around 3.4V. If I use the dual regualtor and the Booster from DPCAV, the weight is aroune 10gr when I remove all the connectors. A little bit too much at my taste because I will perhaps add weight with the wider angle lens. I removed the dual regulator and DPCAV boosoter and replace them with Anyvolt micro regulator and it work well. I add a small capacitor (470uf) The current dram is 400mA at the input of the Anyvolt micro. The helicopter draw 1.2A when flying. With the new battery it should work but I need to test it to be sure. The camera a lot of light to perform well. But I can not fly outside with this helico. The picture appear dark in interior and this problem kill the project overall. I will continue but it is evident that will not be so cool to fly FPV with it in my house. I miss time to work on that, I got others thing in head presently so it will take severals week probably before i complete this project. I make it just for fun anyway. Thomas I doubt my video will convince people to try it on their side... to be continued...
  9. I received a tiny voltage booster from DPCAV, it will raise the 3.7V from the one cell lipo to 5V necessary for the stock 5.8ghz cam/tx. When I began this project my goal was to install the 5.8ghz cam/tx on a 50gr chopper. The camera itself without the connector is less than 5gr. And it is able apparently to work on 3.7V directly as per FPVhobby website. So I ordered it and received a defective camera... While waiting to received my money back, I make a good bargain with DPCAV to get another cam/tx at reduce price. Also DPCAV send me a booster and ask me to find a way to install everything without removing the connector so a lot of peoples could be interest to try it just for the fun because overall the FPV chopper should cost less than $100 I was not clear with DPCAV at first and Thomas was thinking I would put the cam on a bigger chopper, not a 50gr chopper Now that I received the cam/tx and the booster, I check the size of them and also the weight at aroung 19gr, it is obvious that even my bigger chopper that weight 100gr will not be able to lift an extra 19gr. To be able able to have fun with chopper, it is too much. Also I must say that my 100gr chopper is defective and i must wait for another different model in the post to try to undertsnad why the defective chopper is not working. Anyway it will never be a simple plug and play project because of the antenna that should be redress. And also the weight of the cam/tx and connector alone without the booster is 12gr, so a cmos cam with 1.2ghz tx that cost half the price would do the job with the DPCAV booster. And we can easily replace the lens on standard cmos camera. They are enough small also and probably lighter. So overall I will go directly at my first idea and try to find a way to install this 5.8Ghz cam on my 50gr chopper. I know it near impossible, but this is why I want to do it. I got a dozen of FPV airplane ready to fly, this chopper is just a fun project, inexpensive and will be cool to fly inside a room because it move very slowly. But I need to resolve several problems before. -The stock battery of my 50gr chopper is 12C rating probably. i already ordered a 20C battery. At 200ma the camera is pulling to much current and the motor of the chopper will turn slowler. With the 20C it should be ok. -I need to find a solution to get a wider FOV, I already have other lens with the same mount coming from Keychain camera and many individual small lens. -Reduce the wave effect in the picture -and certainly others problem as usual...
  10. I received the 5.8G cam/tx from DPCAV, and it work well. I ordered few month ago the gelly fish lens for a Keychain camera and effectively it was too heavy and too big at my taste for my Keychain camera. So I was able to disassemble it and I try to make it smaller and lighter by removing the countour, I don't remember well what I did because it was severals month ago, but I remember well the result, it finish in the garbage Perhaps it is possible to make it lighter but it had not work with me The FOV of the 5.8G cam/tx is too narrow of course, this the only thing I don't like at first view. It look also to be very sensitive to movement, the picture distord like cmos usually do but it is worst with this cam. I'm pretty sure with a wide angle lens the small movement would not cause distorsion. I got several Keychain, I will replace the lens of the 5.8G cam eventually, but for now i will not do any mod and try to use the camera without any mod. Thomas send also a 1S booster that I should receive this week so it will be possible to use the cam directly with smaller helico that use 1S battery. Thomas I still not have helico that is able to lift camera/tx and booster, I tried to repair without success one helico that can do the job. I should receive soon another smaller helico that I will use to understand perhaps why the bigger is defective, but I'm not convince I will be able to repair the bigger helico. I will ask my friend if he have something we can do the test. But my ultimate goal is to use the cam on 50gr helico, so the regulator will need to very light so the connector will be remove and the antenna need to be put straight and another lens on the cam.
  11. I would like to know if it possible to disable eventualy the 5.8ghz tx and connect the camera output to our own tx like my 1.2ghz ? When you will receive your camera stock, perhaps you can take a look with a scope?
  12. I already have the add-on lens you ordered from Ebay since few months... What it miss me is the camera I was able to get a picture with my 5.8ghz camera, and the FOV is very narrow. The add on lens will help a little bit but it is not enough. The size of the lens is big, too much at my taste, So I already hack it to make it smallerwhen I received it and did not success very well, now the picture appear blurry on the edge. I got several Keychain cameras, I will try with one of these lens, and also I got many individual lens so I can try to find a good combinaison by placing one in front and adjusting thew focus if I got the patience...
  13. I finally received an e-mail today from FPVhobby. He just tell to send it back at an adress...
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