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  1. after further tinkering and reading i came to the conclusion that my antennas were most likely the main culprit. pulled them both off and compared... two different lengths! one of them measured correctly for a 1/2 wave 1.2ghz! thanx RV! so i borrowed one of my dad's swr/wattmeters and started cutting copper. i was able to get the swr down and the power up, but the swr was still too high at 1/2 wave. next i tried a full wave, nice! swr was almost gone and power was just under 500mw. the tx runs MUCH cooler and my analog servo glitching issues have gone from unusable to almost non-existant. i
  2. if it only needed 1/4" somebody would be getting the dremel / jigsaw treatment! im building my nerd box out of one of those boring silver tool cases as well. been considering replacing the "lid" side panel with a fabricated patch antenna panel. stretch a t-shirt over the new panel, hit it with some fiberglass resin, sand & paint and it'll look purdy again. i think i can either angle the lid towards the flight area or make the lid detachable and angle it with a pair of folding legs. having everything as connected as possible for the shortest setups and teardowns is the goal. anywho, lookin
  3. sounds similar to a servo issue im facing now. what servos are you using to pan / tilt? i had the same subtle intermittent jitter with hxt900s (cyclic), gws park hpx f (tail) & a mg90 (spare). i tried braiding the wire, making a faraday cage out of aluminum foil (this worked some, but only if the cage wasn't connected to ground) numerous winds on a ferrite, and installing caps on the servo motor. the aluminum wrap produced the only noticable change. just before throwing in the towel i spotted a esky 8g digital servo sitting on the table and decided it was worth a try. SUCCESS! my analog se
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