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  1. Mr. RC-CAM Well it seems you were right the new edit did nothing.....I will have to try some different servos, don't really want to hack the servos but will keep it in mind.....may be, I don't even need more then the pan I have....haven't got the bird in the air yet, still building and wiring in the "Poor Mans OSD". Thanks for the help...! Larry
  2. Thanks....I'll give it a try......if it works it works...if not well we tried. FYI, my pan servo is a hitec..super gears and ball bearing.....I would really like to keep it in place.... Thanks
  3. So what do you suggest....? do you have a hex file I can try..? Thanks, Larry
  4. Hi Mr. RC-CAM, I have check and the servo will travel about 20 deg. farther on both ends before hitting the internal stops.. I have the EPA's set at 105 on both ends and the PANCAM works great.....just would like to try and get that extra 20 deg. if I can. Do I have the edits correct....I think I may have the 2.50mS value wrong. Thanks for all your help, Larry
  5. Ok so I did the hex file mod and all went well...however it only added about 20 deg. on either end...for about 140 deg total..! I took what I learned from you examples and came up with the following: Does this look correct for a new minium pulse value...? 0.50mS is 500uS Solve for 500uS 500uS =((stored hex value 0x800) * 8uS) + 440uS 500uS 440uS =(VAL 0x800) * 8uS 60 = (VAL 0x800) * 8uS 60 / 8 = VAL 0x800 7.5 = VAL 0x0800 ( 8 dec is 08 hex) 0x08=VAL 0x800 0x808 = VAL 2.50mS is 2500uS Solve for 2500uS 2500uS =((stored hex value –0x800) * 8uS) + 440uS 2500uS –440uS =(VAL –0x800) * 8uS 2060 = (VAL – 0x800) * 8uS 2060 / 8 = VAL – 0x800 257.5 = VAL – 0x0800 (258 dec is 102 hex) 102=VAL – 0x800 0x802 = VAL Thanks, Larry
  6. WOW.........I would never have figured that out....!! Thank you so much, Larry
  7. Thanks Mr. RC-CAM.. I have found the address in my pic programmer SW and it has the values as you show. Now I can't figure out the math to convert default values to the 0.75mS and the 2.25mS pulse= ((stored hex value-0x800) * 8uS + 440uS ((800 *8us)= 6400uS + 440uS = 6840uS what do I do with this number to convert it to the 0.75mS I need...? or should it be ((836 - 800) * 8uS + 440uS = 728 .........? how do I convert this to the 0.75mS and 2.25mS Thank You for your help, Larry
  8. I have done as you instructed.......but when I look for the address's you specify IE. 0x20D it doesn't reconize the "X" when I do the search..?? Thanks, Larry
  9. I have built the PANCAM and it works GREAT.....! Thanks Mr. RC-CAM for a great project The problem is I'm only getting about 110 to 120 deg of travel, even with my tx EPA's set at max...! I would like to get 180 deg. or the max....what ever that is? I have Hex Workshop loaded and ready to go but I can't seem to find the addresses or the Values...? Would/could someone please teach/talk me thru how to do the edit or would some kind soul please post oe email me the modded hex file. Thank You, Larry
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