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  1. Replacing the easystar, for me: - i dont like landing gear: lot of weight, drag, and if the plane is not more than 1.5m wingspan you don't really really require it - i like 2S: its light, and I don't need to be able to climb straight up anyway. my FPV equip is also 5v not 12. you save a lot of weight. - with a 500gr "all up" sail plane, i can climb nearly straight up with a 2S 5000mah anyway xD (own design, but its still in the works) - rear pylon, or 2x motor on wings are the only ok solution (rear pylon has a better weight/consumption ratio however so i use that) - good link (dragon l
  2. a month later here is my result: the multiplex fox is indeed a good platform for small fpv. smaller can be done, but not much smaller, without losing a lot of range and quality i will detail both super small and "just small" anyway: Super small: 1 - The stuff: - get a 1.2, 1.3 or 2.4ghz tx/rx from ebay honkong. make sure its between 10 and 200mW and uses a switch, or digital switch to set the frequency. Not a knob. Never. I have one, its horrible. - get a small 2-8g camera, 380TVL, with plastic case also from ebay/HK (hongkong) 5volts (sometimes its included in the previous package,
  3. Well changed my thought: simpleosd is probably the best. The author told me he's working on a more simple and light current sensor by the way, but it will be 2 months before he get it done probably. while i'm at it before i buy anything: - all analog cameras have the same signal and wires i suppose? so i can just buy a RX/TX and solder the camera on the TX, like +- and composite? - it seems hard to find cameras from manufacturers directly. regular size cameras are ok, and worth 100+EUR probably. But tiny ones are not very widespread. I found Misumi eg, but resellers.. none Eg I have a c
  4. Hey, as usual I can't write how valuable it is for me to get constant replies, thank you. Indeed, the camera is a digital one. I thought small ones would also exist as analog, or have a digital transmitter. About the sparkfun stuff, yeah I know it require all the electronics. I'm actually a bit more experimented with it than I wrote, its jut that I haven't been doing any electronics for the past 14years or so and I feel like I forgot a lot of things. My last thing was building a weather station from scratch actually. Well anyway. As far as I understand, you are also very interested into
  5. Hey thanks again for replying! I found many CCD cameras that look like that: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/images/products/08667-04-L.jpg However I dont have the documentation for the pins, and I think it's all CMOS (tho the quality seems decent. Much, much better than the one provided in the 1.2Ghz system).I just have no idea if i'll be able to connect it properly since pins are guess-work for me (unless its very standard?) Hacking around the camera case, and soldering stuff is no problem. In fact I already planned to hack the voltage regulator to be lighter. As for the OSD, its mai
  6. Hi and thanks for your answer! I meant the weight for the FPV equipement only. I've seen this 2.5gram camera and found it interesting, are you working for this Swiss company? I will be completely honest with you, I also find it very expensive and thought I could build my own somehow. One of my possible plans includes buying the 1.2Ghz system and replace the camera only, but it might take some time to figure out one that has compatible signals. The 1.2ghz system cost 23EUR (incl shipping!), and various possible cameras $1 to $10 each. No detailled spec at all tho. With the antenna cut pr
  7. Hi, This seems to be the best forum for my to ask my questions. I would be very grateful if any of you will get the time to walk me through the FPV mess. I have been Googling, reading various RC and FPV forums, wiki, shops, you name it for nearly 6hours and the same yesterday. darn, its so hard to find info if you don't want to make just the regular easystar/glider/etc setup !! I would like to do a rather small, FPV plane. I'm a bit of experience in electronic, and good experience in piloting and programming (should that be required). I would like my setup to be between 5 and 25gr
  8. the DX6i is well worth the added money its fully programmable, I suppose you might need it depending on what you'll want to do. the DX5e simply isnt. if you need just a controller the DX5e works,tho. about the range, 2.4ghz systems are "line of sight" aka you go behind a big wall => signal lost. depending on the receiver you can expect from 500 feet to 2 mile range max. but don't rely on that, of course. the recommended operating range is like 300 feet I believe. I'm not sure, but I think also that the DX7 has more power than the DX5e/DX6i, also the US version emit more power than EU
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