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  1. I think your point about belt drive, and trying to silence the transmission of the crawler/car/truck is great. as to the cost, well, we are trying. It looks like just the car will run about 1400. and paying someone to adapt the frame, and make mounts for a steadi cam could be were the cost cutting is going to be done... ie, it may be ourselves tooling away the day. The idea is to place the vehicle on site, and be able to remotely control it, not to catch running scenes, over rough terrain. it could be on smooth grass, or over gravel. or a forest floor, littered with the occasional branch.
  2. I am designing mounting system to adapt a steady cam to a car. Thus far, we are thinking the "Crawler" transmission would be most useful, in that it is a slow 30:1 ratio, and would be able to navigate over most terrain. We haven't done this yet, and are still open to suggestion. Here is our call for help: OPEN DOME PRODUCTIONS IS REQUESTING ASSISTANCE DESIGNING / SELECTING RC FILMING VEHICLE We are in search of a larger RC Truck, similar to the Killer Krawler 1/6 kit, BUT are open to all suggestions that fit our criteria as follows: Purpose of this vehicle is: To mount a professional H
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