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  1. Thank you for your input. I discovered why my signal wasn't very good.... The current camera & transmitter I'm using is a Goscam unit with a whopping 2mW of output power! That's right, a WHOLE 2mW!!! Wow. Power really does corrupt. Needless to say, I'm looking at the DCAV site for new kit. How many people are actually using the 450mW 2.4 transmitter? Any concerns with it affecting Spektrum RC systems ( I use 72Mhz, just would prefer not to drop everyone elses helicopter from the sky. I'm soo nice.) or 802.11 wireless systems? I would like to stick with my current (Goscam) rec
  2. Hi; Been lurking here for a bit... finally got around to putting together the GP Patch antenna this weekend. Had a problem getting PCB mount SMA connectors, but was able to modifty things so that I could use the crimp style connector that I did get. Only done static tests so far, will have to play around with it to see if it improves my range and quality. If not, I blame my workmanship, not the design!! 2 questions: What is the approximate beam angle for the antenna? Just so that I have an idea where I need to keep the helicopter in relation to the patch. 2nd - considering a new
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