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  1. I have an idea that would incorporate some already made RC-CAM projects and some new ideas. Have you seen the Levitron? It's a magnetic base, that has a small circular magnet that levitates above the base. The idea I have is to add a small motor that would make the smaller magnet continue spinning for an indefinite time. The idea is to get the smaller magnet spinning and thus making sure that the vertical stability continues. The horizontal stability would be handled by the balance of the base and making sure it is level. The small electronic cars that the RC-CAM project utilizes, looks like it might work. The battery and small motor need to fit on the smaller circular magnet in a way that it will stay in it's needed position, without too much vibration due to the motor spinning and will be balanced so that it stays in place spinning and not moving haphazardly around. Here is the theory behind the Levitron... The base consists of a solid base that is adjustable to level the base. It has three legs that can be extended or shortened. The base has a circular magnet inside. The magnet has magnetic b lines that extend around this circular magnet. It basically goes upward, around and down around the circular magnet. The magnet is sitting flat. I think there is some copper in this equation to stabilize this b line energy. The smaller circular magnet that will sit on top of the base, is spun, at a certain rpm that allows it to gain virtical stabililty. Just like a top spinning. The horizontal stability is gain by picking up this spinning top to a height that can be cushioned on these b lines I discussed earlier. (There is a plastic base that sits on top of the main base that can be lifted... the top is spun on top of this plastic base and it is lifted till it can be balanced on the b lines and then the plastic base is taken away carefully, so that the top is left spinning, levitating on top of the main base.) The Levitron even with a magnetic motor only last for a maximum of 30 days. For some reason or another!?!?! I was thinking that if we could put the motor on the top, perhaps it could last longer. Also, this would make for an early experiment in making a levitating object that can follow the b lines of the earth.... well, in theory at least!!! If someone is familar with the Levitron or search the web for it, you will see what the base and top look like. Is it possible to make the top into a motorized top that spins? The magnets are the most important parts. The motor will help in stabilization. Perhaps it can be remote controlled so that it can be made to spin faster or slower. Note, the b lines are circular in nature. So that at anytime if the spinnng top happens to touch an edge where the b line(s) starts to go down, the top will slide off the b line and fall.... this is not desired. The balance of the top must be within the b lines. Imagine a fountain of water spraying upwards. The top would be balanced in the middle of the water flow. If it happens to move to far to the edge, the top falls to the ground... in a hurry!!!
  2. Are you guys sure that the threat of UAV's is because of someone using them as a weapon, or as survailance equipment. There are a lot of Area 51's out there I am sure of it. And if anyone with this equipment get's it in his mind to not only buzz by and take a few shots here and there but also publish it on a world wide web site!!!! - boy, will your Gov'ment be pissed. I find it funny that you are allowed a gun as an American, but soon you will not be allowed eyes in the sky. Another One World Government scheme to control the masses. As a Canadian, I am sure we will not be affected by YOUR (U.S.) laws. RANT I find that the way American's are acting these days and trying to make other countries follow their ways ("your either with us or against us attitude") is totally anti-World, and should be rectified. You are not the world police.... so stop acting like one. Milosovic (Yugoslavian Pres) on trial was protecting his own country from terrorists and the US media made him look like another Hitler. See the transcripts of his trial and he states: he was protecting his own country from these terrorists in his own country, and President Bush decided to go all the way to the other side of the World to do the same thing. Milosovic is on trial and Bush is being re-elected. What's up with that? Were they not fighting the same people. Big Ally babba tribe in Yugo now. __________ Back to the Subject I would love to be able to go on vacation with my plane..... sitting in the confort of my own living room watching my plane take-off from my own private runway and travel to far off lands, watching everything from my TV. Then I can edit it and send it into the National Geographic. Side Note: Living in Toronto, there are a lot of Middle Eastern People all of a sudden all over the place. They have replace whites and black for that matter as the general populus around here. And everytime I am flying my plane, they all come around wanting to know what I am using and where they can get one. Hmmmmmm...... really! Now if this was a normal situation, no one would even blink an eye for everyone deserves a try at fun. But considering that most of the terrorist are hiding within the wood worxs, they could possibly be looking for an alternative to 747's. I do notice that anything of a UAV type vehicle is very expensive right now. GPS can and does get turned off all the time by the US Gov!!!!!! So... looks like the balls in your court. Let the people unite together and make a law stating that there has to be some form of freedom - especially in the SKY. Who owns space? Well, if you want to go there, you need permission from the Gov. Really!
  3. I am looking for a package deal, complete with video reciever, transmitter and batteries if needed and whatever else I need to get video from my flying RC Airplane. I just want to fly and video tape the experience from the planes view. No Big Deal eh? Well, with everyone wanting one, why are there not any manufacturers already making a RC CAM? Everyone here seems to be a project man, tinckering with this and that, there has got to be a ready to use system out there compatible with the RC market. If not, hello people interested in making their own business.... get on the bandwagon. Real fustrating hearing that this video camera and transmitter go together and then finding out that you have to make all kinds of mods to it because of either poor video quality, not enough distance or just plain does not work because of interference. So I ask, does anyone know of a good video package that will allow me to buy it, place it into my airplane, and be able to video tape what I am seeing without any distortion or wierd lines showing up due to the electric motor running etc.... AND I am doing this without having to do any mod to it? Check out Parkzone.com and their little ingenius idea. They make Ready to Fly airplanes and they come complete with everything except the flyer. Now there's a great idea. Bought one myself. And now I am flying without a years worth of building or tinckering with what size motor with what size batteries needed and all that jazz. Please list where you got it along with the price and any details of problems/successes etc. Perhaps we can make this the definitive list of ready to use wireless video cams.
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