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  1. Thanx for your consideration.i m really grateful. Actually i m using the arrangements of amplifier 10 W and yagi ant of 12dbi with my transmitter JR XP 6102 and not with receiver.Receiver is only having its own wire antenna. If you can design an appropriate system for me,it will be a great help. 432 Mhz systems not understood.Please explain
  2. Dear members Its wonderful to see your efforts and achievements in rc flying.Presently i m working on a model and trying to fly it out to beyond visual range.i hav installed moving map software with modems for GPS data at ground station.But i m facing problems in controlling the model atlong range.On 20 nov 09 i tried to fly uptill 7 kms.Till 5 kms every thing was alright but after that i experienced the failure in RC system and at 7.12 kms, the model crashed. In Rc system i m using JR XP 6102 TX and Rx on 72 mhz with yagi antenna. Actually wat i felt is THAT RANGE OF TX IS LESS AND THERE WAS SIGNAL FAILURE AS THE MODEL WAS NOT TAKING ANY SIGNAL AT THAT RANGE. Please advise me HOW TO INCREASE THE RANGE OF MY TX?
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