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  1. I have obtained an X-UFO, which is an R/C quadrocopter aircraft with gyroscopic control. The gyroscope in this aircraft is mechanical and not very dependable. The X-UFO was quite popular a few years ago, but is only obtainable now as a questionable version made in China. When it was being made and distributed in the United States there was available an electronic upgrade to the mechanical gyroscope called the X-3D Gyroscopic Module, which is far superior to the mechanical one. Of course, these also are not being made any longer. However, I feel there must be a few out there somewhere and I am hoping that someone who reads this will know where I can find one. Please look in some dust covered cabinets in some dust covered corner somewhere. I'll be forever grateful. Well, I will not live that long, but I'll be grateful for a long, long time. I don't know why the X-UFO fell out of favor because it is quite an interesting aircraft, to which anyone who had one can attest. Much simpler in construction to a helicopter and easier to fly, yet with the same characteristics. And with its flashing blue and red lights in the twilight sky looks every bit like a flying saucer. I sincerely thank anyone who can find that gyroscopic module for me.
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