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  1. Darn, wish I hadn't dropped by - this is a real interesting project and I love the little Pi's (3 running at my place so far), but I just don't have any spare time at the moment ! Watching with interest.... Nigel.
  2. Hi Thomas, Great project. Similar here - with a firmware for no bluescreen (on first post). No idea if it works? http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2366714 Nigel. edit pdf attached, might prove useful? Darn - Link instead as file is bigger than 250Kb upload limit http://www.fangzhou8.com/Upload/DownFiles/20121022151656859.pdf
  3. Somebody mention me? I've been absent too, I moved home, downsized and totally modified the new place to our liking - took nearly 2 years, but it's about there now. I got a decent man-cave out of it and it's nearly finished so I can get back into things again and blow the dust off some of my models and equipment that have been mothballed. Even in 2 years things have changed so much and as Terry mentioned, my brother is now interested in FPV having purchased a Phantom and I'm helping kit it out for FPV (complete with gimbal)! He is not overly interested in all the technicalities and I
  4. Seems others are making it commercially viable... http://www.napolskimniebie.pl/ also available here http://www.quadframe.us/products/fpv-video-googles If only a decent grade LCD screen were available! Recently posted in this thread in the UK I'm watching http://www.fpvhub.com/index.php?topic=12833.0 Nigel.
  5. I agree that the increased vRx sensitivity combined with CP antennas has made 5.8GHz viable. The current CP antenna development was first kicked off worldwide on this very forum http://www.rc-cam.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3610-antenna-projects/page-2 (second post down - #22 ) Seems like an age ago ! Nigel.
  6. I have the G12 as a 'point n shoot' and love it - even the wife can take decent photo's with it. I recently gave my G5 to my youngest. I used to have a G7 as well. Have you tried the G15 Terry? http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canon-powershot-g15/3 I was tempted as it's smaller than my G12, but Canon fixed the LCD panel as per the G7/G9 and I like the flip out panel for those obscure shots. I guess it very much depends on your requirements and budget. There are better cameras, but I like Canon! Nigel.
  7. OK, tested both and although not very scientific, so far I prefer the E400 based one over the 820T one, but both will have their uses I suspect. I set both up using the supplied antenna, gain set to zero and tuned to a broadcast FM radio station around 89MHz. The E400 was fully quieting on a weakish signal (no background 'hiss'). Changed to the 820T one and it was not fully quieting with some detectable background hiss. Changed to 434MHz and listened for my wireless weather staion transmissions. Again, the E400 appeared better with what 'sounded' like a better signal. Set my R/C
  8. I ordered 2 sticks from the cozycave site and got them next day! I ordered an E400 tuner and a 820T tuner to observe the differences. Will try to get some time to check them out properly, but they both work fine. My ebay one turned up as well and it's useless for SDR as it has the IT9135FN chipset. Here is another interesting lower frequency add-on/upconverter http://www.nooelec.com/store/ham-it-up-v1-0-rf-upconverter-for-software-defined-radio.html I've ordered one as I sold all my radio gear when I moved house and this will be an interesting side project. Haven't seen any
  9. I've used this free software for 2.4GHz wifi - it also does 5.8Ghz but I've never tried 5.8GHz. Can you get 5.8GHz wifi 'dongles' ? http://www.metageek.net/products/inssider/ Never thought to try it on my 2.4GHz FPV VTx. No chance at present either as all my gear is in cold storage after a recent house move and the new 'man-cave' is being built (during the wettest period since records began). Can any SDR software use these wifi dongles and will it 'tune' to 5.8GHz? Nigel.
  10. Mine is on it's way through eBay, but although it says it's located in the UK, that may not be true as I've had similar and it's come from Hong Kong! For anyone in the UK or Europe, I found a site that seems to sell a variety of these USB sticks - wish I'd found it earlier. https://www.cosycave.co.uk/category.php?id_category=56 If you look through the different types, they also sell adapter cables or a stick with vaious connectors. I'll see what mine is and then maybe order one of the other types for testing. Nigel.
  11. Well, you got my interest! I found what I believe to be a suitable USB stick on eBay UK and ordered it earlier today. Googlin' around, I found that the RTL2832u & E4000 tuner stick is now an 'old' product, superceded by a RTL2832u & R820T tuner. Youtube has several examples of the difference, mostly in favour of the R820T tuner. We'll see what turns up at my doorstep. I have an immediate use for it as a Spec-An for testing OpenLRS/HK OrangeLRS tweaked for 459MHz. Failing that, it might be useful as a scanning tool at our clubs next 50MHz contest with a pair of 9 ele Yagi
  12. Hi Terry, No, I don't use it. I found the patch antennas to be not very good and as I now have an MFD tracker, it's redundant (but still complete). I have 2.4GHz video on one model and everything else is now Sky-RF based 5.8Ghz. Only been out twice this year, but moved house and the new 'man-cave' build is well under way. Should get a roof on it over the holiday period... Then it will need some time to dry out so I can fit it out, maybe, just maybe, in a few weeks it might just be useable? Trouble is, I need it as a temporary dry store whilst I decorate a couple of rooms. Then, may
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