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  1. Thank you very much Thorn3 for your interest.I was thinking to take 900mhz/500mw system. I'm confused the frequency of the GPS interference. Other harmonics of the Video system may be interfere of the GPS(1500mhz)? Did you used it with the GPS? The other problem is What is the Futaba Receivers range? I have Futaba 6EXHP and 168DP receiver. Can I sent my plane over 1km? How did you send your plane over 5mile?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to an UAV, I have a GPS, Radio(35mhz) and a couple of xbee module(2.4GHZ). Now, I need a A/V receiver and transmitter. I'm thinking buy the video system from Range Video. In range video there is a lot of tx/rx. But I don't know which one is best for my UAV. I need at least 1mile video range. What frequency and power would you recommend to avoid frequency interference? Thanks in advance...
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