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  1. Upon retesting, the mode input actually runs off of the same voltage as V + (about 5 volts) so I don't think having source feed into it will cause a problem. Just in case, I have some Radioshack 5.1V zender diodes on hand. Would these work as you described? This little bit switch is great! Online places charge as much as $15 for little RC switches, and with some free samples from Microchip, this thing was FREE! Thanks again.
  2. Thanks. I breadboarded a bit switch tonight with a DIP 8 pin variety of the PIC, and it seems to work well. I am easily able to turn of a set of LED's with a switch on the radio. I ripped apart one of my kids broken Fairy Wands from Disneyland to convert it into a fancy LED light show on one of my RC aircraft. The PCB with a small IC that is controlling the LED flashing pattern has a tiny push button that shorts a 3v output to ground, and by doing so, it alternates the pattern of LED blinking. I plan on hooking up the LED's directly to 5 volt output from a BEC, but would like to be able to switch (short) the two wires that go to the little button while flying. Could the bit switch be used to do this? If so, do you think it would be better to use a small solid state relay to do this? The current is VERY low. The Bit Switch can't drive a pin to ground selectively, can it? Thanks again!
  3. I plan on using one of these with a MOSFET to control a source that runs at about 3 amps, 12 volts. Does the power circuit that I am switching through the MOSFET have to have a common ground with the bit-switch, or can it be a completely isolated circuit from the ESC and receiver? Thanks
  4. I am currently breadboarding one of these for use with an scale heli. You didn't happen to also make a PCB for a through-hole version, did you?
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