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  1. Will this power cord work with with my transmitters? Power Cord, 2.1mm Barrel Plug to JST BEC My transmitters are the ones included with these kits: 900MHz 200mW ARF Kit and LM 500mW 2.4Ghz Combo.
  2. I have a 500mW 2.4Ghz transmitter and a 900MHz 200mW transmitter. Here is a picture of the connectors that came with my 500mW 2.4Ghz TX transmitter and here is a picture of the connectors that came with my 900MHz 200mW transmitter. I'm looking for a device like the one on this transmitter that has pins for connecting the power and video, here it shows the battery and camera connected. I don't have a camera, but want the video feed to come from the AV out on my digital camera. It uses a standard yellow RC plug for composite video (I don't need the audio). If anyone c
  3. Found what I needed at New Generation Hobbies. They have some excellent Almost Ready to fly video systems.
  4. Thanks Terry, Would the 2.4Ghz system interfere with the 2.4Ghz Spektrum RC?
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum. Lots of great information here. Here's a description of my project, any guidance or recommendations would be greatly appreciated: I would like to add video down link to my KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) rig. It's the BROOXES BASIC KAP KIT (BBKK) on this web page and a Spektrum DX5e RC radio. I have two digital cameras that I use for KAP. They both have video output, but the jacks are different for both. One is a Canon PowerShot A590 IS the other is a Ricoh GX200. I would like to be able to see what the camera sees and when it takes the picture. Also, what
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