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  1. :D Yup, it does have effective results (not that I ever did that "back in the day") Nowadays, your best bet is to get recordings "off the air" of the offending operator and maybe some video recordings of the interference on your TV. This would be the same for the Ham or FAA/DOD engineer that was experiencing interference from a Hong Kong video system (except the Gov't engineer would have much more sophisticated equip't). After that, simply send the evidence in to the FCC - for Hams and CB'ers, the FCC's "Enforcer" is a guy named Riley Hollingsworth (who is both a Ham and and a lawyer); I'm sure he has an equally ferocious counterpart that would handle governmental complaints. Dawg
  2. First, let's consider how the switching circuit is developed. I've never actually worked on amps with "effects packages"; pretty much limited to rebuilding old Fenders. In fact I recently finished a Bassman 75 for my much older brother; new rectifiers, caps, and a NOS set of Amperex tubes. But, very limited experience with the newer guys so, I'm gonna take a guess or two. First, I'm guessing that the entire circuit runs: "Ground-> LED-> footswitch "ON"-> NPN switching transistor"; and that it feeds through a standard 1/4" phone jack and (hopefully) coaxial cable. In order to lighgt a second LED for the "off" position; you'd have to come up with a filtered DC source voltage to feed thus: "ground-> footswitch "OFF"-> 2nd LED-> source voltage" Needless to say, you're not only going to need to develop that "OFF" source voltage; but also you'll need the SPDT switch as well as a three-conductor 1/4" jack (Very easy - a stereo headphone jack!) and some three conductor audio cable, which could best be an "extension cable" for stereo headphones. Based on my assumptions above; the hardest part will be developing that "OFF" source voltage. First, measure the voltage fed out to the footswitch with the overdrive turned ON; then build up a suitable circuit (zener diode, etc) to match that voltage for the "OFF" LED. Now, it's conceivable that your circuit uses a PNP switching trasnistor to turn the overdrive "ON"; in this case you have to reverse the polarity of the LED (swap its leads in the circuit. Otherwise, your project is all the same as above. Dawg
  3. Dude, what kind of car batteries??? I can't keep one more than 1-2 years! I also live in an area that experiences 2-3 months/year of over 110* temps; and I regularly subject my battery to 60-100 amp loads (Nothing fits under the truck seat with all the radio gear bolted down there!) Dawg
  4. Cheap, simplistic answer: Sure, we (That's the 45th person "we" - not like any sane R/C'er would actually do it!) could build a flying bomb. Good Lord; on another page many of us frequent, there's a discussion going on about modding an SS to fly at 40 oz AUW. Hmmm, that weight could be a modded plane and 1-1.5 lbs C4 or Semtex. A PIC-switch off Ch 6 ("Gear") to fire the fuse. On the other hand, anybody rented a U-Haul or more specifically a Ryder truck recently? Did you have to submit to a full background investigation? Ditto when buying "nitro" lawn fertilizer at Home Depot; or fuel for your Ford Powerstroke, Cummins-powered Dodge, or even a VW Rabbit diesel? No? Wow, you too could replicate the first attempt (199-??) to bring down the World Trade Center! These days, we as a people have become ever-more vigilant in watching over each others' shoulders; looking for the next terrorist act. AS well we should - I don't want some zealous nutcase killing off a big chunk of MY town. However, when then vigilance crosses the line into paranoia (a common condition in bureaucracies); the first positive step is to restore some sanity by explaining the insane. Without sounding like a bandwagon jumper; this is one of the reasons why I'm looking forward to a finished product from the "Shaker AP" guys..... show "The Guv'mint" what "those loony model airplane geeks" can do for it; before the bureaucrats start acting on their paranoid fantasies about what said group can do against them! Of course, I've been too often on the geek side of the population - Ham Radio, computers; then there's that whole "redneck on a horse with a six-shooter" thing (yeah, I've done that). But, the Ham Radio groups I belong to work with FEMA; we've also tied PIC circuits between a GPS and a 2M radio to show the location of a bike-race leader on a Delorme map on a 19" computer monitor! And, I've climbed (clumb?) off ol'-Chance-the-Wonder-Pony and unholstered my S&W to dispatch a rattler that had a 12-yr-old hiker cornered on some rock on a desert trail. (PETA members understand, there wasn't anyplace for the snake or the kid to go - it was the stereotypical "Mexican standoff"; and I used a .44 shotshell to dispatch the snake quickly, cleanly and as safely as possible) What sometimes sounds like an outrage has to be delivered in full context in order to tell, to quote Paul Harvey, "the rest of the story". Simple solution: Rather than worry about "What bad things might happen"; you might want to expend some effort in showing "What good things can happen". PR is a very sharp double-edged sword... it can bite you on the (tail) or it can make your activity look soooooo beneficial. I often find it's a royal pain-in-the-(tail) to utilize; but it's worth every bit of the pain. Dawg
  5. Well, I stand corrected! Sent a link to my contact with our local power company... discussion on QRZ re: BPL in Cottonwood, AZ. She was going to "look into" it; and find out what's going on. Somehow, this got past her. Dawg
  6. Well, that could be an issue. However...... Very, very few homes WITH electricity happen to be WITHOUT a phone line. And there are those "resale" phone companys that have been started up as great investment opportunities on paper. In most states, the Public Utility Commision has mandated that the ILEC's (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers - the existing phone company with wires on poles and in the ground) have to provide dialtone to the CLECS (COMPETITIVE Local yada yada, like "At&T Local Service) at a reduced rate - often below the cost of delivery! When the ILEC starts to go bust - and every payday I expect my own paychecks to be issued by the US Bankruptcy Court - it finally gets through to the PUC that things are screwy, and the PUC allows the ILEC to increase its provisioning rate to the CLECs; and the CLECs start "backing out" of selling dialtone in an area! In my case, the Arizona Corporation Commision released that stranglehold on my company, and now AT&T is quietly backing out of the local dialtone business here. The exact same thing has happened with our layered DSL service - New Edge DSL is getting smaller, not larger in at least my corner of Arizona. Now, my company is in the business and we're having trouble provisioning for DSL everywhere (it's that "almost-bankrupt" thing again). If an Electric Company pays any attention to our struggles while looking at providing an entirely different technology over their lines... are they gonna enter into any agreements with another company (or try it themselves)? How easy (not) will it be for a PUC to mandate that said Electric Company provide a vehicle for foreign transmissions across their lines? For every investor with a "This is a GREAT IDEA" mindset, there are at least TWO bean-counters asking "How much will it cost? CAn we afford it??" That last question is meant to be rhetorical; as the bean-counters just know that they can't afford to spend money - AND they're gonna exaggerate the potential for loss. A few whispers into some CEO's ear about how his regular-as-clockwork Year-End Bonus is gonna dry up because of this "hair-brained scheme and the associated PUC fines when (not if) it falls flat on its keister"; and it will likely become an UN-done deal. When you become entrenched in some big honkin' bureaucracy like a public utility (especially one with stockholders screaming about their dividends); you just don't want to risk your little Rice Bowl. Everybody may think it's a legal great idea (MONEY FOR NOTHIN" AND THE CHICKS FOR FREE!); but nobody really wants to take on the loss potential. I'm still clutching my towel....not ready to throw it in just yet. Dawg
  7. Forgot to mention..... I'm anxiously waiting for Gene's "Shaker A/P" to mature and have a price tag. Seems our Emergecny Management Directors (the City Fire Chief and County Sheriff) have heard about "one of their Radio Guys" (who could that be? ) starting to play with R/C again, and expressing a real interest in A/P. They seem to think R/C A/P just might be less expensive and more easily deployable than buying/staffing another chopper! Dawg
  8. I believe we should add the proviso "For Now" to the "BPL Wins" headline. As was discussed both on QRZ and eHam; there are other users (besides Amateur and R/c'ers) that will be affected. How many Public Safety organizations still use VHF-Lo for intrastate communication? I don't know, other than a bungh of "The Northern Tier" states, California and W's home state of Texas How many FEMA-related agencies depend upon Amateur HF and VHF for "When All Else Fails" communications? My comment on that is that our Radio Group was using 2 Yaesu 897's and a KW 570D (all bought with funds from the Yuma City Emergency Mgmt Budget) for Scouts' "Jamboree on the Air" this past weekend - held it at the City's back-up comm center (because that's where they gave us a building and antenna farm). Not enough? How about Comm'l Radio? Clearchannel has quite a few FM stations between 87-100 MHz. For that matter, NPR (Government-funded Liberalism) has quite the slew of FM Stations around 87-89MHz. ISM stuff from 27-40MHz, braodcast TV channels 2-5; the list of users goes on. And don't lets consider the Power Industries' recent "downfalls". All over, electric utilities were finding out that their infrastructure was not adequate to handle summer peak demands. Do you believe they can build their system to reliably deliver broadband? I work for one of the "Baby Bells" - we're struggling to provide enough DSL over our networks - and we've had tighter attenuation requirements than comm'l power for decades! I've talked a bit to members of our local electric utility - if their parent corporation is planning on delivering BPL; they sure don't know about it. In fact, the conversation last came up as their local Community Involvement Director was pestering me about when we were going to get DSL to her neighborhood! Her company isn't going to - because they can't afford to provide it reliably in the foreseeable future. Too much money to spend on a speculative enterprise - which could then be shut down by much "heavier hitters" than a bunch of "Ham Radio Geeks" and R/C'ers. Let's see if it actually plays out on a national scale. It could well hurt us heavily; or maybe it won't...... Dawg KC7BDP DM22qq
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