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  1. Well if there is nowhere in the uk that does the correct type i think i will order them from electronicarc.com (ElectronicaRC.com) as they do omni rubber ducks for 5.8ghz there. I have searched wifi vendors websites and come up with nothing as it appears 5.8ghz is fairly fresh in the uk at the moment. Has anyone had any luck with diy antennas or are simple omni rubber ducks a safer way to go (i'm willing to experiemtn...all part of the fun!)? Cheers, Sam
  2. Ok, I have found this one available in the uk. MS Distribution 5.8ghz Antenna. However, the gain is 5dbi. Can anyone in the know tell me if the gain on this is likely to be too high (i.e. too directional for general non tracked antena use) as the patch antenna for these modules I believe is only 8dbi and has quite a narrow band. Cheers, Sam
  3. Hi, I have been flying rc aircraft for many years on and off and fancy a stab at FPV. For me since I have expereince with PCB production and access to the kit (at work) the Airwave modules from active-robots fit the bill. It seems many here have done similarly. I want to go with 5.8ghz video mainly because of wifi in my area and my Spektrum kit (upgraded before FPV dream was hatched so no 35mhz kit left anymore - all sold!) and finding all the components to put a tx and rx together has been easy except for dedicted 5.8ghz antennas. I have seen that others have mentioned using 1/4 wav
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