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  1. Well, I can get a crystal-clear picture one moment, and the next day it seems to be a little off, or a lot off. I do have an oscilloscope, but it has a 400 MHz bandwidth. I can only adjust them to where it looks good, but when the lighting changes, it affects the camera.
  2. Hello I have managed to get an X10 camera working with another systems 2.4 GHz receiver. However, I need some help getting the final fine tuning on the VCO of the transmitter board. I understand that the one trimpot by itself is for brightness. It seems that I can get it adjusted spot-on, and when the lighting changes, the picture becomes distorted. Any help is greatly appreciated on this project. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v237/wolfmangk/Camera/0117100942.jpg Thanks! Dave
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