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  1. i am searching for a wireless camera that can work in 2000 meter distance ,is there such thing?if no what should i do?is there any transmeter?
  2. Hello everyone! I am new here Looks like a site full of informative members so hopefully someone can help me out. I have recently bought a Wireless Security Camera set up. I got it fairly cheap on Ebay.. It came with 4 wireless color night vision cameras and a receiver box that connects to the computer through video cables and a DVR card. Now.. the cameras work great.. but here is my question/problem. I have a wireless D-Link DI-524 2.4 ghz G router, and no matter what channel I put it on (1-11), when the cameras are turned on they completely jam my router's signal. It's literally as apparent as just turning off and on the router. PLug and cameras, no internet.. unplug them internet works perfectly. There are no settings for the cameras so my changes must be through my wifi set up. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi, I've been thinking of getting a wireless video camera/receiver combo like the eyecam or similar. From what I can tell these units only offer a composite out from their receivers. MY problem is that I have a JVC miniDV camcorder. The only input I can use to record this camera is through an ieee/firewire cable. Is there any way to convert a composite cable to an ieee/firewire cable? i.e. take the composite out, convert it to ieee, then input it into the camera? Alternatively, is there a receiver that outputs digitally through ieee? Thanks alot.
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