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  1. Hi guys, Im looking for a suggestions on what kind of camera I should buy, im trying to start from the ground up, literaly. I want to attach a small camera to a RC Tank 1/16 size, M41A3 Walker Bulldog, the camera needs to be able to do several things. First: It needs to be able to transmit up to 200 - 300ft through walls with only a small amount of interference. Second: It needs to be a good enough picture that I can identify a "Target" up to at least 50ft away with only the camera and view screen as my eyes, drive by video basically. Third: It needs to cost below $100 USD idealy but it can be stretched to below $200 USD. Fourth: It needs to be small enough that I can either hide it inside the tank or make it look like its part of the tank, I dont have the tank yet but here is the same exact thing iv purchased. My link P.S. Id like to use the same camera for other projects like RC helicopters and airplanes at a later time, but this is not a requirement.
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