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  1. I do the best I can to help on the published projects but I can't solve every problem. For sure, I would be interested in knowing what you mean by that. Do you have a link to the first discussion where I provided the poor help?
  2. Very, very, good for your reply, sorry that did not help me at all. If it were just rest your eyes and the problem would resolve itself would not be bothering you with this type of question. Anyway thank you for your response and your help in vain! It's the second time I make an appointment and you do not get any positive feedback, help me here man! MNicolini
  3. Friend, assembled the project NAV LIGHTS literally according to the layout and components made ​​by you. But I'm having a little problem and would like your help. When I turn the switch on / off, the navigation lights illuminate normally but the strobe light, between a flash and another, is not completely clears and the headlights are flashing like strobe but with much reduced intensity. What can be and what to do? Tale usual your help MNicolini
  4. Hi Mr. RC-Cam, Since you also bought a 808 a spy camera, was being provience the inclusion of this tutorial remote swich camera in CamMan? Thanks, MAFONI
  5. Hi Nigel, I already sent several statements to Danny, but so far nothing no response. I will continue waiting for his return to see if it sends the remote switch to Brazil-Rio de Janeiro. Thanks, MAFONI
  6. Dear Nigel, Thank you for the information. I had already had read almost all topics on the Internet, on camera spy 808, but none referencing the ship's programming PIC's. As projects of RC-Cam programming, and are based on this as I already have the programmer for them, I am asking the help of Mr. RC-Cam for that. Anyway, if you can not help it, I'll get in touch with Danny to see what they do, since I am in Brazil - Rio de Janeiro and not know if you can send this type of product to and fro. Thanks, MAFONI
  7. Dear Mr. RC-Cam, here are the answers to your questions: Q¹ - What logic level (active low or active high) is needed on the switch to take a photo? A - Active low. Q² What is the required press duration? A - To power the camera = 4~5.0 m/s, to take a photo = 1.0~1.2 m/s, to get video = 1.4~1.6 m/s, to complete a video = 1.0~1.2 m/s and to turn off the camera = 4.0~5 m/s. Q³ - What is the camera's operating voltage (not the battery voltage, but the circuit's voltage)? A - 3,3V. In anticipation of good news Hugs, MAFONI Adding the above response: The sequence of activation of the camera is: 1 - Button 2 (below) = quick press camera energized (yellow LED illuminated). 2 - Button 1 (top) = quick press photo taken (yellow LED blinks once and stays on). 3 - Button 1 (top) down = less rapid, beginning of the video (yellow LED blinks 3 times and off). 4 - Button 1 (top) = quick press finished video (yellow LED illuminated). 5 - Button 2 (below) = down less rapidly, camera is shut down (yellow LED off). Thanks, MAFONI Note: Sorry for English but can understand, ok..
  8. Mr RC-Cam, I would like your help in regard to inform me which of the projects CamMan could be used to drive through the transmitter (Tx), a 808 car keys - Micro Camera - Spy (photos below) and show if there is any change to be made. Since already many thanks for your feedback. MAFONI
  9. Friends, the error is still occurring and the start of the recording is on file. Hex. The writer complains that it says 0x0025 at address 0x000000 but he is reading 0x0FFF. I use a serial programmer PICBURNER could help me configure it to solve this problem? Thanks, MNIcolini OBS.: The hex file that is giving this problem is http://www.rc-cam.com/bitsw.htm.
  10. Dear, in view of the difficulty in getting a tape recorder to record this .Hex, I ask your help in informing me a model of recorder that surely burn this file. In anticipation of an early return, Sincerely, M Nicolini
  11. Thank you for your reply, it helped me a lot. MAFONI
  12. Friends, I need your help. When I try to burn a PIC 10F206 PicBurner a recorder, the message below. Help me please. Greetings, Marcelo - Brazil. http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/6606/errod.jpg
  13. Not always the solutions are complex as we think, is simple things well. Marcelo.
  14. Eureka! Worked. 1) Just connecting the battery to the circuit, strobe lights shining straight. 2) Jump to pin 4 and pin 5 with a 560R resistor, strobe flashes 1X. 3) With a brief short circuit between pins 1 and 4 flashing strobe is 2X. No receiver (Rx) and no radio (Tx). What a beauty! Thank you all for your help. Best regards Marcelo
  15. Great and how do I get 2x strobe flash? Marcelo
  16. Hello friends, I'm having a problem with the strobe-Nav Lighs I believe to be the easy solution for you but for me very difficult. I am wanting to connect the nav-lights for a direct on / off switch and a battery lypo 7.4V - 2S - 30C and a 7805 voltage regulator - 5V - 1A, without using the radio (Tx) and the receiver (Rx) . The land lights, the lights blink 1x guidance and strobes, working perfect. Now comes the question: How do I connect to the circuit the strobe flashes 2X instead of 1X. I count on your help. Since already many thanks. Marcelo PS: Sorry for my English!
  17. The evil spirits might be contributing, but I was taking part and putting the component in ProBoard to see if any had the problem, arriving in the resistors and LED headlamps of the strobe, the problem arose, the good spirits after defeating the bad guys led me to change the resistors for other values, first put higher values, and nothing, then lower values, and that beauty, ran chubby! Here is a tip for those who have the same problem. Hugs Brazilian Marcelo
  18. Mr.RC-Cam, problem solved, I changed the resistors and LED strobe LED headlamp for 56R instead of 68R as indicated, and everything working like a charm! Phew! Thank you for help, for I can close the topic. Marcelo - Brazil
  19. Thanks, I'll try to figure out the mystery! Any news I get in touch. Marcelo.
  20. Follows another picture, maybe a little better. Marcelo Dear RC-Cam, rode the circuit NAV LIGHTS-in breadboard with all components of the plate, shown in photos and even worked wonderfully well, without any interference from the strobe lights, now what? Marcelo.
  21. Friend RC-Cam, unfortunately I do not have powerful machine: photos, only these digital business, I can assure you that the cards with the layout is the same as you. There has been some revision of these layouts that were not updated on the site? It seems to me that the problem is the layout. The tension that I'm using is 4.8 ~ 5.2 VDC, voltage is supplied by the receiver (Rx). The length of the wires of the LEDs being used is 2 meters to the strobe, 1.5 m for the navigation lights and 0.60 m for the headlights, this influence? Noa keep, Marcelo
  22. Mr.RC-Cam, already have passed on all wiring, checked all the solder points, replace Q1 and Q2, replace PIC 12C509A and nothing remains the same problem. The circuit board is the same as you and the components are identical to those specified by you. This problem may have been generated in the recording of the PIC? I recorded 3 and all have the same problem when installed on the circuit. How can I check if the problem is the PIC? I await your help. Marcelo
  23. Dear friends, I have a problem in the functioning of NAV-LIGHTS. When starting the circuit, the led strobe works, navigation lights as well, but the lights landing also flash the headlights, with very little intensity. When starting the radio lights they stop blinking. Could anyone help me solve the problem? Already many thanks, Marcelo - Brazil
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