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  1. I think I've read about your build before! Impressive. I've been monitoring rcgroups for a while, so just checking in on my post (finally). I actually settled on a Twin Star II for my first platform instead. Partly because I couldn't find an EasyStar in stock and then when I started reading more, it sounded like the Twin was a better choice. I've already made a fair number of mistakes including... ordered the wrong version of Twin Star. The "RR" is radio ready and already was glued together. Also included brused motors which I didn't need. maiden flight (non-FPV) I had two channel
  2. I recently found out about FPV and I'm real excited to set up a system! I flew R/C gliders about 20ish years ago. Last year I got back into the hobby and started flying helis. I'm okay and dabble just a little bit into 3D. I've been back on the sim preparing for the spring when I came across FPV. I've been reading a bit over the last couple of weeks, including the sticky about getting started. I still have a few questions, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated as I'm about to pull the trigger on my purchases. I've boned up on flying fixed wing, and even spent some time on the sim in fir
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