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  1. Hi, I've a question. is it posible to program the 12C508A in a diferent way? Is it posible to make it blip in a empty channnel when say for example you put full throtle? thanks.
  2. thank you very much. Nice projects.
  3. thank you very much for your web and your proyects. I have at last maked to work the LMA. I've though one question. I read the content of the pic , a 12C508A and it is not exactly the same as the .hex file, but it works. Is this ok? As you can see it is the first time I have programed a pic or anything similar.
  4. the message was "(NO OSCILLAROR CALIBRATION FOUND) DO u wnat to use value from file (0000h) instead" what do I've to do? yes or not. I pressed NO. but I'm not shure what do I've to do. Can anyone that has succeded tell me how has he done it? Between + and - I have 1680 Ohms.
  5. Hello, I'm writting from Spain, my name is Juan Carlos, and I teach technology to 14-16 year old students. I have maiden one of your LoMA, it is my firts time PIC programming. I made the programmer, and I burned the information. You say to check that there is no shortcut. I measure with the tester and I have 1680 ohms between + and -. I'm using a 1 microFarad tantalum capacitor, is this ok? When I was burning the PIC i got a message: something like that there is no .... whether I wanted to use the default one. I said no. but I'm not shure if I had to say yes. when I try it, it sounds all the time, so I disconect it quickly just incase anything burns. thanks
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