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  1. Hey Yesterday i flight the 450helis in the playground where near the house .New flyer ,Hope experienced flyer can teach more about how to fly it well .Share the flying time with all. flying Video: http://player.youku.com/player.php/s...OTQ1ODc2/v.swf More details pictures: [img http://bbs.5imx.com/bbs/attachments/day_100319/20100319_4358e599ad f90ebd0faf55ssO5usoKc3.jpg Any suggestions will be appreciated!
  2. Just find the solution about how to set GT450 V3 Gyro and Tail neutral from someone. But i am not very sure if its right . Could anyone can help? Recommend to choose Head lock type for Gyro and turn off recolution mixing(RVMX)model on the transmitter ,then set the gain switch on the transmitter and the gyro to head lock mode.The gain setting is about 70% and afer transmitter setting ,connect to the helicopter power for working on tail neutral setting .When connecting to the helicopter power , can not touch tail rudder stick and the helicopter .Then wait for 3seconds ,make the tail servo hom and tail servo at a right angle 90degrees,tail pitch assembly must be correctly fixed about in the middle of the tracel of tail rotor shaff for standard neutral setting. Any good suggestions will be appreciated! Ty
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