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  1. The catch-22 of these transmitters is that people are attacted to them because they are so cheap, but in order to verify the transmitter is legal they have to spend $100 more dollars to test it! For anyone interested in operating legally, this is $99 well spent: http://www.oselectronics.com/ose_p9.htm Randall, did you run that 3000 watt amp on house wiring? Assuming 100% amplifier efficiency, you'd be drawing over 25 amps... David
  2. I'm impressed, you are flying a half mile away. Can we see some video from this flight? It is worth mentioning that the 1.2 ghz units found on ebay are illegal to operate in the USA... I didn't see this mentioned anywhere in the thread and it is an important consideration for any USA members considering the unit. Not condemning the practice, just stating a fact. Cheers, David
  3. Lot's of good discussions here regarding people's successes (and failures) with different video systems: http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/forumid_81/tt.htm Cheers, David
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