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  1. hi i was thinking to modify the 'landtastic' project as per my application. but what i need is to program it in such a way that it takes pulses input and then do my assigned task. i m using PIC12F675 as well. how will i get to know the dutycycle of input pulse? is there any method via interrupt and timers??
  2. well thankyou for the help. actually i am not quite sure about the interrupt methods. lets say i am satisfied with the jerks from this method. but now the problem is i have to provide different signals to 5 motors in parallel. that is i have to provide 80 degrees to base, 40 to base joint, 30 to above joint, 20 to wrist and 70 to gripper. all angles should be provided simultaneously such that all motors get signal in parallel. i am using port C of PIC16f877A for motors. can you help me out a little, actually i am stuck currently and have no choice and chance in such a short notice.
  3. i have implemented the difference of 20us, but it was too slow and had a lot of jerks. where as using the same method i have given the difference of 80us, it works almost perfect, but it has minor jerks. here is the part of code while(1) { i=400; while(i<=2400) { servo=1; delay_us(i); servo=0; d1=20000-i; delay_us(d1); i=i+80; }} please let me know if i can improve this code by any means. also please consider that i have 5 motors working in parallel (robotic arm joints)
  4. thanks for the reply Kilrah, u r ryt i have written the program myself but the program is just for generating the PWM for servos and i am using CCS compiler for it. I am not sure how to control the speed of RC SERVOs through programming and due to this when the servo recieves signal it immediately turns to the corresponding direction. Please let me know if i can control the speed through programming and how. thanks once again.
  5. Hi, i am making a robotic arm in which i have installed 6 servos i have written the code for my system and the servos are working accordingly the only problem is that all the servos ar moving very fast and thus the overall system seems as if it would break apart at any moment i have tried the landtastic module it works good but it a bit too slow as its basic version has default timings set to around 5 secs which is a little too slow for my robotic arm and also that my system is not wireless and i am directly giving signal to all servos from PIC 16f877a. I am using TOWER PRO SERVOS which give around 180 DEG rotation. Please i need help urgently as this is my final year project, please do also let me know wheather i could use landtastic in my system or not and if anyone could help me in changing the timings of landtastic or any other possible solution. Waiting for help.............
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