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  1. I think we're getting somewhere now. I've grounded the board in two spots to the box (by the video ports and by the voltage regulator. I temporarily placed the tach and voltage sense leads inside the box and tried again. Almost no interference. Only a minor disturbance on the variometer display. Now I have to deal with the tach and voltage sense leads.
  2. I'll try that. Turns out the TL has only one ground plane (on top of the board); the back has the power plane. I also added a ferrite bead to the power leads and it helped a lot. Now I have to do the tach and volt sensors.
  3. Nothing yet. I did another experiment. Hooked up the TL100 with a separate video source and separate battery playing back to a monitor. The readouts were rock solid. Next I powered up the blackwidow by itself and moved closer to the TL100 still in its metal case, and sure enough, the airspeed and altitude start jumping all over the place. So, the interference must be coming in through the external leads. I guess I'll have to experiment with ferrite beads. Do you think I should connect the case to the TL100? It appears to have separate ground planes, so a connection point is not obvious.
  4. So I'm not the only one with the problem. I don't have much of a choice for TX placement. I use foam planes (GWS e-starter) with the TX on the tail and the TL100 on the main cabin. I was surprised that a metal box failed to shield the RF. I didn't connect the box to the board ground. EMI/EMC is still black magic to me (and I'm an EE). I wonder if anyoune else have any tricks to minimize the problem that makes altitude/airspeed readings unusable.
  5. I'm having a serious problem with my TL100 overlay board when I use it with my blackwidow 200mW system. The TL100 works fine by itself. I set it up with a video source and captured its images every 5 minutes for 24 hours. The altitude tracked the pressure altitude changes very well and airspeed indicator was always zero. Now, when I connect the blackwidow TX system, the altitude and airspeed reading go all over the place. I tried builing a metal enclosure for the board and sealed it well, but didn't eliminate the problem. I power the TX and TL100 from a separate batteries. I'm not sure where to go now. My plane is also electric with a brushless motor also powered by its own battery. Am I the only one with this problem?
  6. So I gather that the pitot tube opening should match the pressure sensor opening, so that there is no ram effect. Is this right?
  7. This one looks very promising: http://www.u-nav.com/PICOGPS.html for $149... Not too bad.
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