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  1. Hello Mr RC-CAM Thank you for answering my post. Looking through the 3 pages about the GP Patch I found a few answers to my questions, particularly the wrapping with Oracover or similar, although I can't see why wrapping the outside without changing anything between the two plates should affect the signal. I 'll abstain from holding the piece of wire to the the centre pin of the SMA plug with a piece of heatshrink while soldering, I'll hold it with something I can remove afterwards. I've had to order this SMA Plug to Conrad in Germany, the male inverted type for PCB is not to be found round
  2. Hello everybody from a new member I am about to start the building of the GP patch but many measurements are given in US system and though it's probably not so important, what is the thickness in mm of the metal from which I'll cut out the radiator and reflector? (24to 30 gauge sheet)? What is the diameter of the added short piece soldered to the centre post(24-26 AWG)? Before soldering this extra bit to the small metal plate would it be possible to maintain it with a short piece of shrinkable tube which will stay there of course? If I have understood properly the wooden
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