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  1. Thanks for such a quick response to the issue. Made one up and tested on all my recievers now all o.k. Tested on Hitec dual and single conversion PPM, JR single and dual conversion PPM & PCM, Futaba single and dual conversion PPM & PCM, and the slow booting RCmart single conversion & Corona 6ch synth dual conversion. All now compatible.
  2. I'll be more than happy to assist with the testing. I have some 12C508A chips but can go and get some 12F's if required, whatever you'd like to assemble the code in will be fine. The worst Rx is the RCmart one which has a boot time of just under 3 & 3/4 seconds the other takes 2 & 3/4 seconds. A 4 second delay loop should be good. Thanks John
  3. Hi Mr Rc-Cam, Have built one of your LoMA's and works great. Thank's for sharing with like minded hobbyists. I do have one problem though. Works great with my JR and Hitec receivers, but have some cheap receivers in my slope soarers. In particular RCmart R2-4 FM receiver and a Hobby King Carona 6ch dual conversion all on 36Mhz. These receivers appear to have a slight delay on power up of locking to frequency, and as such the LoMA interprets this as a glitch. I was wondering if you could have a look at the code and put a delay loop in for the glitch counter on power up of at least 3 or 4 seconds. This would overcome my issue. Wonder if anyone else has had this problem. Also noticed that the introduction of the LoMA to a receiver port would cause my servos to jitter badly when the Tx was turned off and the LoMA is activated by lost signal. I changed the cap between pin 1 & 8 to 1uF and now jitters are gone. Is this o.k., what's your thoughts? Links to receivers below. Thanks & regards, John My link
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