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RC-CAM.com (main site and forum) will be closing down August 2021. This is being announced now (March 2021) so that everyone has time to download any information that is important to them. After the site is shutdown the information will no longer be available here.

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  1. then is this? or I could draw like please, you do not quite understand the lyrics? and with respect to the futaba 2.4, what happens is that if I turn off the transmitter, the alarm is not active, the receiver stores the last signal received, then it is as if he were still arriving signal and activates the hill I never , turning the transmitter. thanks
  2. good morning, Now I need to remove the count in a futaba 6EX 2.4. "Silence is Golden There is a Chance That You Have A model Experiences That signal glitches, pero still flies fine. This is typical of park eflyer Some low cost receivers. In this situation, the glitch counter Might end up being to nuisance Rather Than a blessing. So, you LoMA ITS Another trick up sleeve. To disable the feature's beeping glitch, all you Have to do is disconnect the PIC's pin 2 lead and jumper it to pin 8 (short pin 2 to gnd). This will silence the glitch counter. Be sure to disconnect it from pin 1 f
  3. and could you share the asm file of version 14, to seek opportunities? to the place where the alarm is activated, attempting to sound btc code, and test and test to see what results I get.
  4. Greetings friend .. Loma is a marvel. and I have several of my planes with him. I wanted to ask if the sound could be changed by this sound funny that this still quite popular in ringtones. or could you tell me how to do it, and I get to work on it and upload it to the forum to share, perhaps many would like. thanks pato_de_goma.mp3
  5. hello I got a pic12f509. but I have some questions before you burn. according to the directions said to Memory: Protected Code, that means the box must be activated CP. but in doing so I can not reuse the pic, to delete it and record a new code is that many projects I want to try rc-cam page before making them .. and why buy the version that allows multiple recordings 12f509. then to erase and record multiple times I have let q CP rankings were the box, or no effect? and also in the icprog not see the pic12f509, I can put like a 12c509.? I do? thank you very much
  6. ok, so good, I put in the search for the pic, I have everything else. thanks
  7. 2. ok no problem, I will seek a pic12f509, thanks 3. I do not understand how I can do to reset the failure counter, so that each flight is initiated to 0 and thus know the failures, the flight, but not on all flights accumulated .. should wear a pin switch in some pic, or can not do?
  8. (1) OK, thanks, I can use it with my futaba 6EX 2.4 GHz FASST (2) There is possibility of generating the HEX for a PIC12F629, is that it no longer 12C508, 12c509 12f508 12f509 not only get 12F629 and 12F675 (3) according to this: Check it out; Each time you repeat the test, the glitch count will increase by one at step 3. is increased, but there way to reset the count, is that after a long time I guess that will upset many beeps, then it would be nice being able to reset each flight to find the fault on that flight, but not all cumulative flights, is that after 20 to 30 flights will b
  9. EN good morning. very good project. but I wanted to ask if it works with Futaba 2.4GHz FASST. and also want to know if the HEX so I can record on a PIC12F629. thank you very much. see you soon ES buenos dias. muy buen proyecto. pero queria preguntarles si funciona con futaba 2.4 Ghz fasst. y tambien deseo saber si el HEX lo puedo grabar en un pic12f629. muchas gracias. hasta pronto.
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