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  1. Especially when all were gonna hear is some super-duper high rpm motor screaming in the background, or just a breeze of air as you float along....all in mono...
  2. So lets say I am willing to spend about $500.00 on a device for this. What would be the best bang for the buck. #1 being storage size. ( i would prefer a large storage space vs swappable SD/CF cards) #2 being quality. #3 being size/portability. ( internal batteries are ok as long as an external power source is an option. )
  3. Hey guys. Im looking for a portable DVR. Something that will record to an uncompressed ( DV ) format. Maybe something with a laptop hard drive. It would be even better if it was something you added a hard to as that would give more options for hard drives. Examples on B&H's website The above link gives some example of items that are WAY above my price range for this. The reason I am looking for a hard drive based device is I would like to use this for other applications as well as FPV recording. So there are times when and hour of recording is not enough... Any suggest
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