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  1. I bought a convertor from Video (yellow phono) to USB. Got it through Ebay. Connected to the video output from my receiver it works fine on my laptop. However I never found out how to record the pictures. I now us a Sony Handycam coupled direct to the receiver and used as a VCR. This works very well, allowing monitoring on the cam screen and saves everything. I later edit using ViseoWave 7. Engineman
  2. I have just bought an 800mw HongKong complete system (apart from my Handycam) Only cost me about £22 including postage. Came in four days without any problems. Obviously not the best quality, but previously I had bought a 200 mw HongKong system which is very similar but was short on range. Built in to a small housing, it fits on a leading edge, held with elastic bands. It worked fine, giving good pictures until out of range which was sometimes about 200 yards and sometimes 500, depending on altitude and line of sight. Using my Sony Handycam with ability to record like a VCR, I have been able to make up quite a good short film using a combination of the Handycam and the airborne videoCam. Now with the new 800mw units I hope to have cured the short range, plus a stable power supply and a fine tuning system on the transmitter to keep the picture as good as it will ever get with such a simple camera etc. All good fun and teaching me quite a lot! Full professional systems are being sold in the Uk, but cost about £160 and as far as I can tell are the same components from HongKong.
  3. I have today received an 800mw camera, transmitter and receiver from HongKong, eBay. All works very well, much more range than my 200mw system. However the wiring supplied is complicated and heavy. As I want to install this in one of my RC aircraft, I would like to get rid of the unwanted white phono plug and perhaps hard wire the camera to its transmitter. There is a single wire into four moulded block. Can I just cut off all the plug and socket connectors and hard wire only the things I need? The camera connects to the transmitter with three wires. Yello (signal) red (+) and black (-) The transmitter is connected to the power supply with red / black. Do wires need to be screened? I intend wiring up to a NiCad with a charging point and on/off switch. Am I missing something or is it this simple? I have tried using both my receivers, which apart from the name on the front look identical. My original has been modified to give a fine tuning adjustment. Is it likely that the new unit supplied with the 800mw set is any better? Both will be run from a 12 volt power pack to reduce voltage drop, which drifts the frquency.
  4. Hi Modelman. I am new to this equipment, but have just obtained the same Hong Kong bits plus a USB converter so that I can see the pictures on my laptop. Working quite well, not flown yet, but being built in to a housing to go on my 73 inch Laser 150 powered Mystic. What I am not yet able to do is record on the laptop. Does anyone know what software I need to do this with XP. Clicking a button on the USB converter does record still's. First trials were not brilliant. The 9 volt power soon failed (PP9) and the receiver had to be re-tuned quite often. I have now connected the receiver to my flight box 12 volts and it is much more stable and gives a better range. Your talk about airials has me confused, I have not had time to study this, but are we talking about the camera airial or the transmitter? I see from somewhere that the plug supplied for power has a voltage regulator built in. By removing this and hard wiring would the camera run on a standard 4.8 volt NiCad? I am Hemel Hempstead, Uk and a regular visitor to Maplin. I now need a suitable 12 volt TV which I can take to the field, any idea's? One gets what one pays for, but for about £50 the Hong Kong bits are good value and came within 7 days.
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