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  1. OMM : Do you build and sell a 1200mHz RX antenna ? :-)
  2. Thank you for your help I will share my videos when I got some.. atm I only have flight videos, no fpv videos. This is a fun and great hobby. Cheers
  3. Nice post... Much info here The only problem to find now is a Video system that can match the range of the radios...
  4. Old man mike (btw how old are you) Thanx for the reply, I love the QUAD video, do you think quad is better compared to a plane ? how is the quad for wind, and is it harder\easy on long distance... I have a EZ that I think would be nice for my first test in the FPV world :-) But if the antennas you have is what I need for good FPV, I think I can quit right now haha.. I dont have room for 6 meters high antennas haha Yes since my Sunsky did fail I will try to buy the Lawmate 1000mW, it seems to be more solid and better quality (maybe) ! What sort of antenna would you recommend me to use on the Lawmate unit RX and TX.. In my project I want 2 set-up: 1. FPV on the EasyStar with headtracking etc... the range should be 1-3km (for beginner Fun only that is OK for a start right?) 2. I also want to use the FPV system on my car, but then I`m driving around many houses and trees blocking the signal. but the range I need to have must be 300-500 meters.. When driving the car, I can try to put the antenna on my house roof. Thank you for all help and advice. Cheers from Norway
  5. oh.. I got the second system on your picture (The 800mW system that FAIL, and only give 60mW) ! Seems like that can be my problem... I only got 2-300 meeters with a >800mW< system. That cant be correct... Any suggestion what to buy when I now throw this junk of sunsky in the trash ? :-)
  6. Hi guys My first post... and the first question I want to ask: Did you find anyway to extend the range of the Loc8tor tags ? I notice you got some of them on your quadcopter. I love the Loc8tor, but the range is so darn poor, I use them on my cats sadly I cant find them if they go to far away. Glad if you got some tip. Back to topic, I love your antenna and the pictures, that is great !! If you got so long range with only 10mW, what will 800mW give you ? Maybe you can assist me some help, I got the Futaba 9C that give me long range (i hope) But my 800mW video system is only giving me 200-300 meters of range I`m very disappointed as I want to do some long range FPV videos (1-2km to start with) I got the 800mW system from Sunsky.. dont know if that can be trusted, the soldering inside seems pretty bad. Anyway, cheers and thanx for all help
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