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  1. new version (3.5) of aerosim simulator is available and it now includes GAUI 330X-S quad in it.
  2. yes, very nice looking. did you replace the frame competely? how did you make this one? it looks same as original GAUI. or u used GAUI hands and made center bigger?
  3. Yes, I intend to do this commercially, but part time. Initially I'll learn to fly as if it was a hobby, but as soon as I'm comfortable flying the GAUI quad and shoot a few vids and stills using cheap cameras, I intend to upgrade to a mikrocopter or other comparable quad capable of lifting SLR and will try to get jobs as a pro. I don't expect to be too busy initially, so I'll maintain my regular job. But if I'm successful getting jobs, I'll "cut the cord" and go rc flying full time. (pun intended) My intention is to focus on sports aerial photography. But it may change if I discover that there is no money in it for me. I then try anything else that works: commercial real estate, events, weddings etc. Regards, HP.
  4. I would like to ask the group for their estimates approximations on how much they spend per year on their quad flying hobby. Obviously, there is cost for gear, spare parts, repairs, batteries, software, etc, etc.. If you were to total it all up and estimate how much you spend per year, I'd greatly appreciate it. It would be nice if in addition to an one number estimate you could provide: initial costs and on-going maintenance cost as separate estimates. Again, of course, costs differ based on what you fly and what equipment you have on-board, so please add that kind of info to your estimate as well. This would be an interesting poll to see how much this hobby costs /year. Will help me a lot to budget it. With different people providing different estimates, we can aggregate it and come-up with a true average and a mean, which should be a very good estimate of actual costs. Regards, HP.
  5. Finally I have something to contribute to the forum even though I'm a newbie :-) I've been searching for a good SIM to learn flying quads and pretty much NONE of the leading ones have a quad in them. Finally I found a simulator that has quads: aerosimrc.com it is actually quite good for what I will want to do as it has FPV and even support for shooting video and photo. it also supports head motion attachment so you can move your FPV camera with head motion on a simulator. It has a couple of quads in it already and the guy who made the software (Manuel) just told me that the next version of the software will have.. drum-beat.... GAUI Quad. (i.e: it will simulate specific GAUI characteristics ). I'm still waiting for a SIM to arrive with a connector for my radio. But there is a fully functional demo available for download that allow you to fly for 2 mins with any USB connector. HF.
  6. Can a quad be flown in 20mph wind? My plans are to use this for water sports photo shoot in the future. (windsurfing or surfing ). Obviously, it would be : 1. flying over water 2. flying in high winds. Will GPS enabled "Dream Catcher" allow me to succesfully maintain position and shoot over water in high winds? Or is it a bad idea to even think of flying in high winds? If quad is not the answer for doing what I described, what could be my other options?
  7. Hey rc-cam, So is current model of Gaui 330X-S will be compatible with the new FY-91Q GPS ? Also, once you have FY-91Q GPS on Gaui quad, would Gaui quad functionality be same as mikrokopter? or do they "mikrokopter" have many other features that still would not be matched by this chip? Also, I see video on youtube, where people are capable of programming GPS waypoints into their quads and can have them fly in UAV mode. Is this just another chip add-on for any quad, or only certain quads can support this type of programming? Can GAU 330X-S be made to fly autonomously? Sorry if these are stupid beginner questions that don't make sense. I still did not buy my first quad, but I did order a simulator and waiting for it to arrive and start learning. I will be ready to buy some quad in a few weeks and need to make a decision on which one to invest into. GAUI seem very reasonably priced and not as expensive to lose in case I crash it. last comment, I saw that GAUI now released a housing for the camera for their GAUI quad. What would be the best camera mount with stabilization in 2 axis for GAUI? Would that be their native mount or there are some better options on the market? Regards, HP.
  8. Thank you guys for your time and answers. I'm going to take is slow and learn on a sim as you guys have suggested. I"m not in a rush to ruin my camera :-) I'll be lurking here to learn from you guys and also share my experiences. -DA.
  9. Hello group, I'm brand new here and I'm a total beginer in rc-heli hobby space, so please bare with my potentially stupid questions. I promise to learn fast! :-) I don't own the quad yet. But I'm a photographer (in Hong Kong) and my goal is to get into aerial photography using Quad/hexo Rotor R/C heli. I'm doing research now on what I need to buy to get into it. I've seen quite a few projects that use quads and octo and hexa helis and trying to figure out which kit to buy. I'm looking for good advice and will really appreciate your input guys. Here is what I want to be able to do eventually: I don't plan to do 3D tricks. All I want is a VERY stable platform that has lots of lift that can fly initially my GoPro HD camera , but eventually, I want to be able to fly a Canon 550D or 5D Mark II . I'd like to be able to do FPV flying so that I can see what I'm shooting. want to be able to control the tilt/pan of the camera from my transmitter. have a live feed of video and have a capability of remotely press the shutter on the camera to take a photo. Cost of the platform is important, but I can afford to spend more then $399 (price of 330x-s ) if for that money I get the extra stability and safety of the platform such as "come home gps" functionality when battery is low. hold the GPS position so that I can focus on shooting, fly a pre-programmed route by gps way-points, emergency auto-landing by platform if it detects some issues, etc. Basically anything to protect the platform and make it easy to fly it is a plus. With these requirements I'm looking for some advice in the following areas: 1. What platform to buy? (I'm thinking to spend up to $1500 USD on a platform at this point). I saw that MK cost a lot more. :-( 2. What is the best way to learn to fly? (which RC-simulator do I need to learn to fly quads? ) None of the commercial ones seem to have quads as part of their models. 3. RemoteAfrican, did you learn to fly on simulator first? or just starting flying GAUI right away? Will a person with almost zero experience flying rc models be able to fly the real platform? 4. MikroKopter vs GAUI vs other platforms. Where can I find a write-up on this topic? features of the platform vs cost vs ease of use. etc.? Or maybe somebody write a bit on this topic? 5. Why MicroKopter so expensive? Is it because it has so many features that others don't and it is better quality and you get what you pay for? or can one achieve almost the same functionality with platform like GAUI by adding some additional components like FY-20A/ FY-90Q ? 6. I guess I can start with a cheaper platform to learn to fly and then progress to a more expensive one. I'm looking for advice on such progression. Are there any serious photographers on this forum who use these quads to fly expensive cameras? A quad going out of control and death-spiraling is not something I'd like to have to deal with when flying a Canon DSLR which costs $$$. 7. GAUI: Does anybody know if GAUI plan to release a new/updated better version of the Quad? I read on this forum about issues with 330x-s. About them falling out of the sky and losing control. I'm sure they are working to make a better version of the platform. Should I wait for next version? Any rumors on if such platform is coming up? 8. What are other platforms out there that are affordable and maybe best suited for photography? (Again, I"m not looking for advanced 3D tricks, but rather stability and lift and integration with camera housing that will allow for best photography options. 9. I went to an RC store today and they sold me a a Futaba 2.4G T10CHG transmitter/receiver pair. Is this a good model for what I described above? It seems to be a very good device. it has 10 channels, but strangely enough a receiver that came with it only has 8 channels and only receive digital servo's . Is this normal? This is the one I bought: http://www.gpdealera.com/cgi-bin/wgainf100p.pgm?I=FUTK9256 They also gave me XTR flight simulator to fly with the above controller. But the version of the software is 2005! Definitely not the latest version. I tried to find a later version of this simulator, but can't find anything. Should I just buy Real Flight? or phoenix? What confuses me is these programs do not have quads or hexo platforms. How am I supposed to learn a quad when there is no simulation software for it? would hate to crash a new quad if I buy one. Also, do these simulators allow you to fly with your own controller? or you have to use a plastic USB controller that they sell with software? Thanks to everybody for any advice. I think I'm going to be hooked on this very soon :-) -Regards, -DA.
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