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  1. thanks really much.... ok and what u think about this antenna? http://www.infinity-hobby.com/main/product_info.php?products_id=5070&osCsid=70818dbdaaf136f24effeeca788e50fd they say its for 1.2G~1.3G sooooo....1,2 Ghz would be possible..right? what you think about the qualitly about this antenna? thanks
  2. coool,,, thanks really much soo if im going to use to 8dbi Antennas? How i have to connect it? Should i simply use a Y-Adapter? and what is going to be the range (round about ) thanks
  3. Hi all, sooo i just have a question...im going to buy me some FPS-System with 1,2Ghz and 500mW or maybe 1000mW output....and im going to have a 8dbi Patch Antenna ( i dont know where i could get more dbi┬┤s for 1,2Ghz ) sooo in the end i would be happey to have a long range system im interested in the range. what range im going to have with 1,2Ghz+500mW+8dbi= ? and with 1000mW? on the other side i could get some 2,4Ghz but hm i think there would be more interference with WLAN etc... right? PS: Where i can get Patch Antennas for 1,2Ghz with more then 8dbi? thanks real
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