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  1. For the record, I built the Goof Proof Patch scaled to 1.2ghz. Fantastic. For the test I used the cheap stuff: the little mini cam/transmitter 1" cube with a pitiful little wire antenna. Yup, the RX with a TUNING knob. Works almost 100 yds with some video loss on the stock antenna. With the patch: unlimited. I flew all over with no video loss. I just forgot the patch was directional. I could fly behind it at close range. I never aimed it. Seems to have 180degree FOV. How far? I lost the plane about 1/2 mile out due to RFI hitting my 72mhz crystal RC RX. My bad. Took 2 days to find it. But the VIDEO was perfect right to the end. The plane, 55in. foam electric, was recovered (across the river) without a scratch. Only damage was 2 lipos discharged to the point of no return. So now, I'm building the 910mhz version for my PLL RX and 200mw TX. More on that later. But all this just drives home your point about the neglected receiver antenna issue. BTW, I'll be using my bullet proof RC receiver for future tests. My RC can reach a mile, but I suspect the video link will eclipse that thanks to your patch design. Thanks for sharing your research.
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