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  1. I am going to install the following devices on a Gaui 330X-S. Fyetech FY90Q controller ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8GHz A/V transmitter EzOSD (consists of 2 boards: GPS module and current sensor module) Futaba R6108SB 8-Ch receiver a 3S 2100maH Lipo battery I'm seeking advice about the optimal placement of these devices given the available space on my Gaui 330X-S. The attached pictures should illustrate this. Given what I've been able to glean from available documentation, here's the component placement I've come up with (side-view and top view pictures are below): The battery can ride atop the Gaui "payload" board that forms the very top layer of the 330X. The EzOSD GPS module must face the sky. I'd like to know exactly how much of it must face the sky because in my uninformed opinion the best place to locate this module is peeking out from beneath the battery. The push-buttons on the EzOSD and the trim pots on the FY90Q need to be easily accessible, so I figure the FY90Q can also ride beneath the battery in its anti-vibration sling with just the trim pots visible. The Futaba RX can also fit somewhere on this layer. The A/V transmitter can be attached beneath the 330X center core just above the z-axis (panning) servo shown in the picture. I thnk the EzOSD current sensor can also ride beneath the core but that's just because I can't think of a better place to put it. In summary, can you offer any rules or suggestions about the optimal locations for all these devices?
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