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  1. Thank you for the input, I shall check the other posts and re-post if I have questions...Thanks again!!
  2. Hello all, I am new to this forum and am excited to fly FPV, for the first time. A few questions, but first, my specs: Easy Star 4004 kv brushless KMS Quantum motor 40 amp Exceed RC Proton ESC.Turnigy 5000 mah lipo Spektrum DX6i/ AR6200 (with satelite Rx extension 24") I was using a Thunderbird 36 amp with this motor and seemed to work okay, but I had lots of problems with overheating etc...I have since bought a new airframe and want to use all new components for my FPV I bought majority of my stuff from hobbywireless.com, it got to my house very quick!! 900mhzTx/Rx 8dbi patch antenna/3dbi antenna on Tx SN777 camera Focus video glasses. My questions: I have mounted my patch antenna on a tripod. When it is pointing in the general direction of my plane, but I dont move it (no ground station panning) will I lose reception...say if I flew overhead and behind me? Is the Oracle Diversity worth it? and if so, are two patch antennas the way to go, or one patch and one whip antenna a better alternative? I dont plan on flying too far, are my flight components okay, or have I come up short somewhere? I have a few extra MG servos, would it be wise, or unwise to fit the easy star with an aileron mod, with the wingloading this plane will now have? I really like the idea of Diversity, and would like to know how you set that up on the ground, as I did not understand the directions that someone had wrote....something about facing them opposite and like 45 degrees skyward, and the pilot should get amazing coverage??? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I live in San Diego and have some great spots in the hills to fly, and stay away from all the air traffic that is regularly in our skies.. Thanks... PS..The overheating I had mentioned earlier: I flew with this motor for over a year, the battery would be warm and the ESC (Thunderbird 36) warm as well. I use a 2C lipo, and is fast, with straight up climb ability. APC 6x4 prop. I used a 3C lipo once, it dumped so much voltage into this motor, I would seriously argue that my easystar, that day, was the fastest easystar in the universe, of course the battery was hot, and borderline mushy when it came back. It was a VERY old 3C lipo I used though, I will not be using 3C again, rather the 2C.
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