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  1. Hello ! I would like to understand. When the MAX8211 is inactive (U OK) the outpout of max8211 (pin 4) is high (5V) or the outpout N Channel is Blocked ? The pic12C508 work good ? The condenser C2 is present to do delay ? The GND is connected to the potentiometer R5, is it not a mistake ? If you have some time, thank's to explain me... Davidl
  2. HELLO ! for a boy who say "I do not have time to develop alternate layouts" I just reply : "Thank's very much Mr RC-CAM ! it's too much!!!" I buy components today and i think i must do a pcb. When it's finished and tested, i will post the picture layout and photo ! I promise ! Davidl
  3. Hello ! the voltage trip point need to be adjustble. 4 accus =>4*1.2-0.2=4,6v 5 accus =>5*1.2-0.2=5,8v 2lipo =>2*3.6-0.6=6,6V 3lipo =>3*3.6-0.6=10,2V X accus =>X * U nominal-DeltaU=U Alarm DeltaU=U nominal(1accus)-U empty(1accus) It's my formule... For beginning the U alarm = 4,6V. Thank's for you help. Davidl
  4. Hugh ! Ok ! Thank's for all. I search to "switch/clamp/interrupt" the R/C servo signal when low battery voltage detected. If any body can help me ... DavidL
  5. OK, They can't use one of the outpout buzzer for drive the transistor ? are the three outpout needed to drive the buzzer ?(3*20ma=60ma!) I can't get one in input... I don't see the solution for my low voltage alarm... thank's DavidL
  6. Hello Is it possible, Mr RC-CAM to use the not use PIN3 in Input ? For example 0V=do nothing 5V=force buzzer ON I would use this pin for add the low voltage alarm. By advance thank's. DavidL
  7. OK thank's for the link and explanation of the 'F' and 'C' family PIC DavidL
  8. Hugh ! I must cut the RX signal if i want the alert buffer ! How many component ? a icl8211 ? Do you have some idea of schematic ? Thank's DavidL
  9. OK THANK'S for reponse Mr Kilrah, i don't inderstand you about "flash pic" I found this link about the low voltage detection with PIC : http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/bhabbott/lvw.html http://pierre.rondel.free.fr/locatair.htm Best regards DavidL
  10. Hugh ! Thank's for your projet. I do sailplane in France by Mistral (a wind >50 km/h), with my friends, and we plane a very long time (1 or 2 hours). It is possible to replace the 12C50X by 12C67X (4 Analog) because i would know the low batery voltage detection by the piezo (for example). by advance, thank's and excuse for my english... Davidl
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